Written by Steven

12 Aug 2004

Following on from my first installment we reach the point in my adventure where the three of us Helen Tim and I were to share the same bed. Helen called to me from their bedroom and I stepped in to find the dimly lit room to find Helen cuddled into Tim on the bed, her bare back and bottom inviting my attentions. Ginglerly I sat on the bed beside them. I could see Tim taking in my naked form and penis which was beginning to stir into another erection. I gently began to stroke Helen's back inviting response or rejection. Remeber do not dive in at this point, be very gentle, let your friends drive the situation. Boldness, rudness at this point, when you are all drinking in the erotic atmosphere may spoil the scene and result in dissapointment. Helen began to kind of 'mmmmmmmmmmmm'in appreciation of my caress. Encouraged by her response and Tim lovingly kissing his Lady Wife's forhead prompted me further. I knelt beside Helen and proceeded to cover her naked back and botom with featherlight kisses. Helen adored this and kind of rolled over facing me, her back towards her Husband her large floppy breasts spilling fowards. I cracked at that point, my reserve failed and I just flung my head into her ample bust clinging to her hard and whispering hr name. For the second time that night I just feasted on her nipple. Tim squeezed his body tightly to Helen's back, he buried his head into her neck whispering her name, she was trully sanwiched between two adoring worshipping Males. The three of us just lay there savouring the moment, I suppose just wondering who would make and what would be the next move. This point was a very exciting and demanding part of our play. Would Tim delight in taking his Wife in front of me and I suppose illustrating his rights, or was he the kind of Guy that just wanted to watch and admire Helen and I making love. Tim' first move. He rolled Helen away from me and rose above her. My turn now to view Tim. I absolutley marvelled at the sight of his penis, it was no longer than mine but definately thicker with a good strong girth and engourged head. Tim was an expereinced lover and taking Helen's ankles in his hands he pushed her legs back so that her feet were in the air and then positioned himself above her waiting to enter her. They kissed the kiss of lovers and then Tim drove foward entered Helen and began a steady slow in an out fucking movement. I wondered my next move. My thoughts have always been that in such a situation it is Her Ladyship that should benefit. Give her attention. Remember that it is difficult for her Man to concentrate on giving her a full and delightful long severe fucking and also pay loving attention to her other 'key' points thus taking a normal rut into something very special for the Lady. That is exactly where another expereinced Man can add to her pleasure and I proceeded to do just that. Kneeling beside the mating couple I once again took Helens breast into my mouth and stimulated her nipple. With my hand I gently stroked her tummy and then found her mons and clitors which I lovingly caressed. Tim was a good lover and well practised at the service of his Wife. His stroke and consentration was excellent and I was able to just lay beside them with my mind fully fixed on the stimulation of Helen. It was not long until Helen began to sob her way through another climax aided by Hubby and Lover. The expereinced Tim ceased hisrutting and held himself deep with Helen his eyes closed tightly and his face a mask of consentration as he fought to control his own release.

After a time, Helen disended from her peak and Tim commenced a small stabbing action just enjoying the moment. He increased his momentum and I, knowing that Helen would be a little tender helped by holding onto Helen's foot and pressing it back towrds her head, allowing her to be fully open for Tim's assault. Tim was fucking with total abandon now, it was obvious he was trying to proove to me that he was the best at this task, a kind of 'beat this if you can Steven' attitude. Helen knew how to send her Hubby into glory, she reached up and began to tickle his nipples as he held himself above her. Then he began to buck and moan and just let himself go in total abandoment, he was lost in the delight of reaching climax. Moan, moan, moan groan and grunt as he suddelnly went ridging forcing all his groin forth with all his weight penetrating his woman deeply as he ejucalated deep within her squirting her cervix with his seed. Spent, gasping for breath he collpased on top of Helen and she wrapped her legs around him running her fingers through his hair she nibbled and kissed his ears and whispered 'I Love You' in sweet adoration of her Man.