Written by Laura

19 Dec 2003

Having experienced the awful caning on by poor

bottom by Mr Smith i wondered if i should just

not go to his house anymore but i felt compelled

by a subconcious urge to expose my bum for his

disciplinary pleasure.When i returned on Monday

his eyes lit up-'Ah come in Laura my dear'he said

I dusted and hoovered as usual and i asked Mr

Smith if he'd like me to make some tea he said

yes and as i walked to the kitchen he followed

me out i felt his hand on my bottom he asked if

it was still sore and i replied 'a little' and

that i had found it hard to conceal from hubby.

Mr Smith over tea said that he had best take a look

and that he had some special soothing cream that

would work wonders.

I could not believe it here i was taking down my

trousers and bending over his kitchen table.

'Lovely knickers Laura nice and tight' hev commented

on my cream coloured pants before taking them down

he was sitting on a kitchen chair his face very

close to my most private places i knew he was looking

up my bum and my face must of been crimson as

he even had the audacity to part my cheeks and

look at my bumhole.

Next he was applying the 'special cream' to my

backside and it felt quite nice.

On my next visit a week later Mr Smith used a

leather strap on my bum it was not as painful

as the cane and left a nice warm glow.

I had been taken to the bedroom for this dubious

pleasure and had layed on my tummy as Mr Smith

again used his corrective methods on my naked


Mr Smith seems quite concerned with my physical

well being because he has taken to having me perform

exercises in just my underwear and sometimes


I must admit i didn't think it would be long before

he wanted to see my big boobs.

I let him play a little with them too.

I know Mr Smith gets very exited but i would

notb let him have any real sexual contact although

he has offered.

He very much enjoys playing with his penis as

i stand or bend with my back to him spreading my

bumcheeks and letting him ogle my anus as i tell

him about how i have to take hubbies big cock in there.