Written by ej

31 Mar 2004

It was midway between Christmas and New Year. A lull between the two festivities when the phone rang. Chris and Julia two old friends who had moved to London wondered whether we fancied popping down.

That evening we arrived in London, dinner was takeaway pizza accompanied by beer and wine. There wasnt much to excite us on the TV so we decided to play cards. After a couple of rounds of gin-rummy Chris suggested a game of strip poker.

All of us were slightly the worse for wear and agreed. No-one knew how to play poker so we agree on a game of sevens and if you couldnt lay a card then you had to remove an item of clothing. We started playing and my wife Anne was losing. I could see wasnt too happy and she started insisting that an ear-ring was an item of clothing.

By this time I had a raging hard on and could wait to see Julia naked. She was the same height as Anne but much more curvacious. I realised that if I wanted to see her in the flesh I had to think fast.

How I did it I dont know but I can up with some simple rules which we now know as the Clapham rules. The women get 1 more item than the men and now one needed to take off an item unless everyone else had taken off the same number. The simplicity of these rules meant that no-one was going to feel humiliated and we would all get naked together.

This seemed to work, sitting on the floor we all gradually took our clothes off. Both Nick and I decided to keep our trousers on and lose our t-shirts first, but Nick was the first to have to remove his trousers. I was worried because I had an enourmous hard on and could feel that I have leaked and my boxers would be wet. As he undid he belt and let his trousers drop I could see he was in the same predicament. He was so hard and straight that it stretched his boxers. I had never seen a so hard in the flesh I was fascinated and couldnt take my eyes of it.

Anne and Julia both sat there in bra and pants both obviously enjoying that sight as well. Once I lost my trousers which as fairly soon, the girls would lose their bras and at last I would see Julia's completely naked breasts. In their bra they looked so inviting and I just couldnt wait to see them.

But it was Anne's turn and she couldnt go. I could see her hesitating and I knew that this was make or break. If she lost her bottle that was going to be it. So close yet so far. I was silently willing her to take off her bra. The wait seemed an eternity. The silence was almost deafening.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Julia, I cant go either she called out and without hesitation whipped off her bra. Anne followed suit. To this day I am convinced that Anne just took her bra off to keep the game going although she claims otherwise.

Unfortunately I lost out to Nick and had to remove my boxers first. All I could remember was the relief that my hard huge cock was free from the confines of clothing.

In no time at all we were all naked and Julia said if we are going to carry on we all need to wash. It was like we were all in a trance and see was our leader as we followed her to the bathroom.

She lit some candles and began to fill the bath. Of course the four of us couldnt fit in the bath so the four of us stood. In pairs Nick and Julia, Anne and myself we bathed each other. Someone called out swap and without question we did.

I began to soap and massage Julia's breasts. Although fuller, they felt softer that Anne's. Anne soaped my chest and then suddenly caught hold of my cock with her lather filled hand. I was in heaven. She was massaging my cock, I was on the edge, desparate not to be the first to come as I had no idea what Nick and Anne were up to. In fact I didnt care.

I moved from Julia's breast to her stomach aiming to get lower when again shout called swap. Julia dropped my cock and swapped with Nick. I had never been this close to man before in a shower and certainly not one with an erection.

He lathered my chest and I his and we did this for what seemed an eternity. The girls seemed to be engrossed and I was coming curious. Slowly I edged round Nick so that I was now between him and Julia. Once in that position I turned and faced Julia who had her back to me.

I put one arm round her waist to massage her stomach and could sense that Anne was massaging her breasts. I could see exactly what Julia was doing to Anne but her hands were lower than higher.

My cock was so hugh that it was touching Julia's arse. I could feel her push back a little and took this as a sign that she wanted to feel more of it. I pushed against her. My hard cock rested between her cheeks.

Suddenly I felt something very hot against my arse. I was Nick's cock. I wasnt sure about this but thought hey if it means I can stick my cock between his wife's cheeks and squeeze her tits then game on. He pushed hard against and it didnt feel so bad, he gently girated but seemed more interested in getting his arms round me to touch his wife.

Julia said she was getting cold hopped out of the bath and offered everyone towels. As we were getting dry she said that her and Nick were going to bed now we could join them and they left the bathroom.

I knew this would be to much for Anne and she said she didnt want to go. So off to our bed we went. I was so hard and as I slid myself into her I suddenly realised how wet she was. In all the years we has been having sex I had never know her to be so turned on. It was the best sex I had ever had up to that point in my life and it was straight forward missionary, but with both of us so aroused it was incredible.

As I withdrew from Anne with my penis slowly shrinking she turned to me and said I think I ready to go and join Julia and Nick now. So off we trotted to their bedroom. But thats another story.