Written by Wolfman

10 May 2006

Having already related the events at the GENDER SWITCH party, for the next few days I lived off that experience. My wife had to return to Hospital for continued treatment so I was left to my own devises.

After three days I received a call from the friend with whom I had exchanged sexual sensations with from the party. I told him I was alone and that he could drop by if he was so inclined. An hour later he was knocking on the front door. Opening it he looked a little flushed. In the sitting room he sat down and I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Whilst waiting we exchanges small talk, then he said,

“You won’t believe this. You know the wife has a cleaner in twice a week, well today was her day and since I always have Wednesdays off I am left to see all is well and take care of her refreshment needs. Well this morning I was looking for batteries we keep in a box under the stairs. The cleaner was hovering the stairs. I don’t know what made me look up the stairs but I’m glad I did. She was bent over working away on the top of the stairs and I got a great view of her bloomers. Bright pink and very silky looking. Whilst it was only both legs of her knickers, every time she lunged forward so the silky material pulled taunt against the elastic around her thighs. I felt my cock pressing against my pants and I found my self feeling it through the course material. I so wanted to toss off at this very arousing sight but I feared she would turn suddenly and catch me. I pulled myself away, sat down in the dinning room to regain my composure. That’s when I thought of you so I called holding back my feelings at that particular moment”.

He looked up at me with smiling eyes. I think I knew what he meant. Making a coffee I sat next to him and we began exchanging our personal feelings relating to the switch party night.

“I’m wearing knickers now” he said softly as he ran his hand along my thigh. “Wow I see you are as well” as his hand pressed over the elasticated ridge of the knickers I was wearing. Suddenly he stood up and unfastened his pants. I watched wide eyed and very aroused when I saw his pale pink knickers and black stockings. I jumped up and followed suit, completely removing my pants and shirt so that he could see my rose pink slip I raised slightly to expose my knickers. I didn’t expect him to throw his arms about me and kiss me on the lips but I found myself responding. I felt his hard cock pressing against me and I knew mine was pressing against him. Suddenly he broke away and hissed excitedly, “I want you to fuck me”.

I was a little shocked at first but watching him slipping his knickers down and seeing his smooth bottom only further inflamed my lust for sexual satisfaction. He knelt on the settee leaning over the back rest then reaching around he pulled the cheeks of his arse apart exposing his opening that glistened in the light. He was already lubricated. I got up behind him and pressed my cock against him. He suddenly moved back and the head of my cock slipped into him. The sensation caused me to move against him, fucking his arse. My sudden orgasm didn’t stop me from further enjoying this moment. He was sighing at each push. I reached down and took hold of his semi hard cock and at that moment I blasted off again. I pulled out of him and he quickly pressed his handkerchief to his arse to prevent his making a mess on the settee. I was fascinated at the way he stuffed his handkerchief into his opening then sat down. Without hesitation I was on his cock in seconds. Its semi hardness excited me and I remembered how he enjoyed the way I slipped my tongue under his foreskin. His cock seemed to harden immediately and I felt both his hands on my head. My lips furiously caressed the now exposed head of his cock and he began bucking against my face, then his grip on my head increased as my mouth filled with his spunk that lay against my front teeth as a warm pool. I pulled away and tilted my head back and let it all slide down my throat.

“My God you were fantastic” then he pulled me to him and kissed me. My head spun from both the result of our exchange and his very passionate kissing. Breaking away he confessed that he liked being fucked then went on to relate his teen experience first time when invited to watch a blue movie in a neighbours house. He had never seen one before and he soon realised how gullible he was at 14.

“I Didn’t protest when the man touched me for I was secretly screaming out for the previously wandering hand to reach my hard cock. He asked if I would like to be tossed off? I just nodded. By this time the man had exposed himself, I was surprised to see that my cock was bigger than his.

It was long but very thin. He watched as the man manipulated his own cock whilst working on his and he found himself calling for him to do it faster eventually sending s stream of spunk flying into the air.

Fortunately he had removed his trousers but his underpants were soaked.

“You had best remove them, I’ll loan you a pair of mine”.

Having removed the underpants he was suddenly pulled backwards against the mans face where his tongue began licking his bum hole. His whole body shuddered at this new sensation and when the mans hand began fondling his soft cock he felt it rise. Suddenly the licking stopped.

“Golly you have a lovely smooth bum, just like a girls. Lean over the chair, I want to try something”.

I did as he asked. The sudden sensation of his hard cock pressing against my bum hole then the sharp intake of breath when his cock slipped into me. Then suddenly from out of nowhere he produced a gold coloured pair of his wife’s bloomers.

“Here slip these over your head”.

“ I know I giggled but that soon stopped when I took in the Sharpe aroma of his wife’s cunt. I had no idea they were soiled but I was now at the peak of arousal and the sensation of his cock thrusting back and forth caused me to cum and I didn’t even touch myself. I think my tightening my internal mussels sent him over the top and I actually felt him coming into me”.

“So I experienced two things that day, the smell of a woman’s cunt and the feel of a man’s cock up my arse. Primarily it was his collection of blue movies that got me started and his fucking of me became a regular thing. It developed into my wearing a pair of his wife’s panties with another draped over my head, soiled obviously but I was hooked. Please keep this to yourself but I used to wear my mother’s

knickers and sniff at the crotch of a soiled pair whilst tossing off. Even the sight of her asleep in the armchair with her legs parted was enough to get my hand working”.

Listening to his story had got me hard again, a fact he quickly noted. His mouth enveloped my cock head and I was soon enjoying a wave of sensation as his mouth drew on my swollen cock head.

“Oh shit I’m coming” I cried but his mouth kept up the rhythm and I pumped my seed into his soft mouth.

His fairly regular visits found us locked in a passionate sexual adventure where I discovered how much he enjoyed anal penetration and I wasn’t complaining either. With both of us dressed in silky underwear and stockings it didn’t take too much imagination to think you were fucking your wife.

The most daring thing we ever did was masturbate each other looking at my wife asleep in the low armchair with her pink rayon knickers in full view right up to her crotch. I knew she wouldn’t wake for the drugs she took were powerful sedatives meant for her to rest.

He never forgot that moment and always referred to it when I was sucking him off. I might only have 6 inches, but he began to demand all of it every time and his build up of excitement usually brought me off.

When my wife passed away he was my constant companion. Not just for sex but for genuine friendship. The shock of all time was when his wife dropped by one day with some vegetables they grew in their large garden. I offered her a coffee and during our conversation she said, “You’ve been fucking D----d haven’t you”?

I didn’t know what to say.

“Oh it’s okay, he told me everything and I fully understand your current situation”.

She began to colour up and I saw her legs part slightly and my cock gave a little jump.

With her eyes cast down (obviously taking in the bulge in my pants) she said, “Would you like me to give you some relief”?

I was gob smacked but before I could reply her hand was right on the bulge.

“Take it out” she asked

When I took it out her eyes widened. “Gosh your big aren’t you” Her hand wrapped around my cock and she began to manipulate my foreskin in a way I wouldn’t have believed. Her skirt had risen up revealing the tops of her stockings and I rested my hand on her stockinged thigh then blasted off.

“Golly you were ready for that. I guess I have spoilt your next meeting with ‘D’” and laughed.

When she left I began to worry just how much ‘D’ had told her and his visit the following day he informed me that he admitted to everything knowing she was okay about it. He then went on to inform me that she had very strong lesbian tendencies and had satisfied a number of women in the area including my own wife years ago. That did shock me for my wife never indicated she was interested in other women.

Life continues to offer little sexual gems and pleasing others is just as important as pleasing myself at the same time. It’s a pity others don’t look at things so objectively?