Written by Rob

25 Sep 2004

I recently spent two weeks in Germany touring the Hraz mountains

One day my wife went into town shopping and I stayed in the car.

After about half an hour I needed to find a toilet and luckily enough there was on close by.

I went into the cubicle and as I sat I noticed a small hole about 1/2 an inch across in the adjoining wall and someone was in that cubicle obviously trying to look though the hole.

I sat back until I had finished and then stood uop and took a while to adjust my clothes, then bent to look through the hole to come eye to eye with him.

He stood up and with his back to the far wall began to stretch and pull at his semi erect prick.

I watched until soon he was fully erect and then he put his eye to the hole again.

To y suprise he then dressed and left the cubicle.

Thinking all was over and there seemed to be no one else about I tidied up and opened the door to find him standing there.

He indicated that we should go into the disabled toilet which was much larger and I followed him in, him locking the door behind us.

Not a word spoken as he stripped completely and in German told me to do the same.

He didn' know at this point I was English, in fact I don't think he ever did.

He then produced a condom and proceeded to put it on. so I knew what he wanted to do.

By now I was also naked and he came behind me and knelt down.

I bent over and within seconds his tongue was working aroung my ring.

I was really getting fantastic feelings then he stood up and I felt the end of his prick touch my hole.

Slowly he eased forwards and I felt him enter the first inch.

He stopped and just wriggled a bit then putting his hands around my waist he pushed slowly but firmly, sinking his full length into me.

When he was fully in he paused for about half a minute, I could feel his prick throbbing inside me.

Then siezing my waist again he began to fuck me slowly at first then increasing spead until I was having trouble standing bent over.

With a loud moan and hard push he spent into me, jerking and thrusting until he was empty.

He slowly slackened and slipped out then turning me around he dropped to his knees and took my prick, sucking hard and fast until only seconds later I spurted deep into his throat.

Without a word we dressed and I went back to the car wodering what the hell had happened.