Written by Wonderpants

18 Sep 2010

I should explain, we have been together for about 26 years, we met when we were teenagers and have been together almost ever since, loyal and supportive partners in every way.

I say almost, because we had a 2 year break, when we lived apart in our early 20’s, and I’d be a fool to think that while being single and ‘doing’ the club scene in Bristol, she didn’t fuck, shag and suck a few nice cocks. I know I was getting my end away with a few girls at the time, so all’s fair in life.

The only slight bug bear in our years together has been our sex life, we were rampant for a few nights, and then could have weeks and months where we did nothing, my sex drive was higher than hers but we understood each other, I wanked for England [thank fuck for the internet] and grumbled through these patches until the urge took us both again and we fucked like rabbits for a few nights.

She is very attractive, in recent years she has maintained a buxom figure, with fantastic tits, with really nice hard suck able sensitive nipples.

In the past year though, I have noticed a change, she has become more sexual, buying herself sexy lingerie for the first time, she’s lost weight and looks even better for it, and I have not complained at all. Also we have even raunchier sex, more often, and again, I am a happy man.

When I think about it, I know what has happened, actually two things have.

1/ face book

2/ her ‘age’

Face book, ok I have to admit I was the first onto it, and convinced her to give it a go and reconnect with old friends etc, but she wasn’t interested for a long time, and then she gave it a go and now I can’t get her away from her bloody laptop. Through the interactive games, such as Poker and others, she has made a lot of friends, and quite obviously enjoys flirting with blokes and some women on there, all harmless fun. There has been a few blokes who have asked for her number, or MSN, for online or phone sex, and I know this has at the very least titillated her. She has done a bit of sexy chat, and we have even bought some sex toys at the recommendation of one of her ‘regulars’

It’s a ‘Bullet’ and while I fuck her she has one small bullet up her ass and is rubbing her clit with another.

There you go, the ‘bullet up the ass’ that would never have happened until this last year, but it feels fantastic for us both, so thanks Facebook.

OK, I should cover No. 2, her age. That sounds like a shitty statement, it’s not meant to be, it’s a simple fact of life. And maybe I’m/we’re lucky in as much as, as she has approached certain inevitable changes, her sex drive has risen and she has become quite the online slut. If this had happened a few years ago, I would have been all ‘Wow, what the fuck are you doing!’ and getting my Neanderthal club out, and even now, it has certainly caused a few ‘discussions’ when I have found her chatting to blokes from all over the world on Facebook. The truth is, not only do women change but so do men, and the thought of my missus chatting online to another man a few years ago would have had me acting like a cave man, now, I quite like it, in fact I really fucking like it. I fantasise about seeing her being fucked by another man, sucking another man’s cock, swallowing his cum. In an ideal world, she would suddenly get an urge for another woman, but you can’t have everything in life can you ;-) Until that does happen, [and I refuse to give up hope] I will continue to enjoy thinking of her getting her knickers nice and wet whilst talking to other men, them probably having a decent wank over what she is doing to them, and then me sucking back all of her juices before fucking her after they are done.

She has always taken long drives in her sports car, and now I like to fantasise about her driving to the local dogging sight behind my back, there is one nearby, and getting some action there, letting some strangers fuck her. I would be cool with that as long as they are strangers it wouldn’t matter and as long as it was fucking and not a relationship, weird that.

She is out right now as I type this, maybe she is bent over the bonnet of her sexy little car with her tight ass in the air, the new lacy knickers she bought today are being roughly yanked to one side right now as a stiff throbbing cum dribbling bareback cock is forced deep up inside of her sopping wet cunt. Well, you never know.

It may be time to suggest an outing, open her up to another stage, see if she can swallow the next step!

I also wonder if there isn’t an opportunity [I like to make a few quid] to sell her new [used] panties, to her online friends, maybe with a photo of her fantastic tits, beautifully erect nipples and all.

I will pimp the fucking dirty slut out.

I am very, very optimistic about the future.