Written by Pumper

29 Jun 2004

I had been married for about 3 years but me and the wife had a very 'normal' sex life mainly due to the fact Sue wasn't very adventurous in the bedroom department which caused me to look elsewhere many times.One day when we went to her mothers for a barbecue I was annoyed because it was a hot day and I hadn't brought any shorts.Sue told me to strip down to my pants as her mother wouldn't mind.So as she was weeding the gasrden I pulled my jeans down and relaxed on the recliner chair and when Sue wnet inside I gazed over to Jean(mother-in-law)and noticed one of her dark nipples was showing through her flimsy blouse which caused a stir in my pants and made a bulge which I noticed hadn't gone unnoticed by Jean and I didn't bother covering it up as I got turned on thinking Jean enjoyed the view.I now knew that I could have some fun with my mother-in-law and it seemed that whenever I stayed over in the future I decided to give Jean flashes of my cock in various states and she did likewise by leaning forward so I could see down her top or by by bending over showing me her skirt covered arse.The best time was when my wife had gone out with some old friends and I was coming out of the shower room with just a towel around my waist and Jean was climbing the stairs so I decided to let the towel drop on purpose so she saw my fully erect cock with purple head and she stared at it and told me to get changed and come down for some lunch.So I got changed and wnet downstairs and Jean didn't seem to be looking me in the eye and I asked her if she liked what she saw and she blushed saying she has found it difficult since John(her husband) left and seemed to start crying so I put my arm round her and told her she should get out there and have some fun and then I leaned forward and kissed her first on the cheek then the lips.I told Jean that as Sue was out for the rest of the day we should have some fun of our own and told her to go upstairs and wait for me in her room.I finished my lunch and then climbed the stairs and walked into Jeans room and saw her sprawled on her bed in a short gown and joined her and ran my hands up and down her body and slid a hand in to cup one of her large breasts and as I did so I felt her body shudder as I flicked her nipple and with the other hand I tugged the belt and the gown fell off leaving both her breasts exposed.I told Jean that I had always wanted to see her body closeup and had often wanked in the shower imagining my cock buried inside her wet slit and Jean admitted she had used her didlo and thought the same thing.I told Jean to remove my pants and give me a blowjob and she told me she had never sucked a cock before so I told her to just lick it up and down first and then build up to taking the helmet between her lips and she soon got into it and seemed to enjoy it judging by her moaning.When she had got me fully hard I told her to climb on top so I could play with her dangling tits as she rode me and drew me inside her mature pussy walls.I pulled her arse closer so she felt all of my cock buried deep inside her and she noticed the bedroom window was open and worried about the neighbours so I told her to not care and she bent down and sucked my tongue as I pulled hard on her nipples.At one tiome Jean was bouincing so hard I thought either the bed or my cock was going to break in two so I told her to climb off and get on all fours so I could fuck her from behind and she obliged and soon I was pumping in and out of her moist hole feeling her jugs with my hands and soon I felt the urge to shoot my spunk and aksed her where shje wanted it and she told me inside her pussy as she wanted to feel used again by man and have her pussy filled with hot spunk so I duly obliged and got her to squeeze hard on my balls so every drop emptied into her and continued to fuck her until I was dry and when I was done I rolled off her and offered my cock to her mouth to lick clean and loved watching her lick both out juices off of my shaft.Jean suggested we go have a shared shower and once we were inside we were soon soaping each other and I was again getting a hard cock so I started to run my hand ovber her buttocks and slid a finger into her arse which made her yelp a bit but she didn't protest so I parted her legs a bit more and parted her arse cheeks with a few more fingers and fucked her in and out and then ran my bellend around her crack and then slwoly entered her taking it slowly and loving the feeling of my cock exploring the only hole my cock hadn't entered.I was about halfway in when I pulled out then in again and Jean told me she wanted it all as she was told by one of her friends how good anal sex was and she never thought she would get to try it especially with her son-in-law.As the water poured down over our horny sex ravaged bodies I told Jean that everytime I visit in future I will fuck her at least once and she said if I didn't there would be trouble and I said that I would place an advert requesting men to pay her a visit and she said she would like that but she would check with me who she slept with and I then rammed all my cock fully in and emptied my seed into her arse and withdrew and watched as my spunl ran down her legs as the water was turned off.I rinsed off and then put on a gown and left her standing against the shower door knowing she was now a slut that I could whenever I wanted.We carried on a relationship for 5 more years until Sue and I divorced and I turned up 3 years after divorce without notice and the slut was still unable to refuse me my rights to fuck her and I have visted her a few times since and she has obviously been getting plenty of cock as she has learnt many new things and has even been going round to fuck a 75 year old man who she does shopping for and says he is able to last a lot longer than people half his age.

So if you ever get the chance of a fling with a mother-in-law or an older woman go for it.