Written by Anon

27 Sep 2004

referring to foxlady's visitor,"what do you think happened?" 25th september. it must have been a sexy ghost,much like the spirit that's been visiting me almost twice a month for

2 years since i was divorced,though i've told nobody

before because i'm sure i wouldn't be believed and end

up in a secure hospital!

unlike her,i was alone in the house the first time so

rather than think it was someone i knew,i thought it

was a dream.i dreamt that my nightie had been pulled

up to my waist and a hand was caressing my

cuntlips.since i thought it a dream and hadn't had sex

for the last 4 months,i just lay back and enjoyed the

attention but it seemed so real as i felt my wet pussy

being penetrated.like u,i heard no sound but was sure

i was dreaming when my anus was touched and teased in

exactly the same way my ex used to and was surely

wishful thinking and reliving our sex before he pissed

off with some younger tart!

i remember having a fabulous orgasm as his cock thrust

deep and hard in my cunt and his thick finger filled

my bumhole.....then realising i was awake i hurriedly

switched on the bedside lamp...and he was gone.i sat

up and looked around.nothing.

i started to think that yes,it must have been a

dream,but....i knew it wasn't just my cunnyjuice

trickling between my thighs.i know mancum when i feel

it and there it was evident on my wiped and now raised

hand which i confirmed by the smell and taste!

that initial frozen fear and confused state of mind

has now been replaced with disappointment when he

doesn't materialise,since after reseaching this

subject,have come to the conclusion that its a spirit

who's found a way to come back into the light and

enjoy the pleasures of the flesh once again.happily

not an incubus of evil spirit....just a lost soul that

must once have been a lucky lady's wonderful

lover,that i'm only too pleased to harbour in my bed

regularly now without the commitment of a regular


besides....his cum tastes better than my ex's too when

he fucks my mouth lol,and though i cant see or hear

him...he now often stays and cuddles me until i fall

asleep but gone by morning.

maybe he's waiting for me now.i best get to bed.

dont be afraid if your spirit visits again foxy.embrace


sarah x