Written by John1982

15 Aug 2010

I’ve been visiting a friend for quiet along time now as she had a bad break up with her last boyfriend. I only been going round to check on her because some of the things he said about her made her very depressed, so being the friend I am I would und to see how she is.

With her living on her own there was only talking ever happening, I always sat next to the window and had it slightly open as the heating is always on.

I was sat there one day and spotted this woman outside running up the street in like a body suit type clothing, lycra shorts with a sports top.

Well after a few times she did see me and being the fool I was or am I turned away, I used to be really shy and it took me a while just to smile back.

But rest assured I would visit my friend more often just for a glance of this older lady that was clearly physically fit and I would say in her 30’s.

Well one day I got a phone call asking for me to go visit my friend as she wanted help but I could not get out of work early an said I would as soon as I finished in an hours time.

I jogged there in the pouring rain, when I arrived I walked up the steps to her front door and rang the bell.

No one answered at all so while I was sat on the steps calling my friend to ask where she was but only getting the answering machine each time and becoming more annoyed the jogging lady arrived, I got a slight tingle that I think was nerves as she walked up to her door next to me.

She asked if I was alright and I just said that I’m a little drenched and not happy as I have been locked out, I began to think that she might invite me in like some fantasy I have always had. But no, she walked past me smiling and closed the door behind her leaving me out side.

I just sank and just got the feeling of not bothering anymore but I still waited a little longer for the weather to possibly clear up.

The woman next door came out again and asked how long my friend is going to be, all I could say was I don’t know as it kept going to answering machine and I don’t want to start walking home as I will be drenched by the time I get anywhere.

By absolute surprise this running lady named Tina invited me in till the weather cleared up.

I walked in and the hallway was warm with some music playing in another room, she handed me a towel and made me a cup of tea.

I was just drying my head off and was stood there like a lemon, she came over to me and told me to take my jeans and socks off to dry out with my boots from work but gave me a pair of jogging bottoms to put on.

Now I’m a little bit taller than her so these jogging bottoms were a little small and tight, when Tina came back she had a change in to a tight'ish white top with shorts that I can only describe as fanny huggers, her hair was down and wet from having a shower.

Without thinking about it the jogging bottoms became a lot tighter around my groin, I caught her glancing at my nether regions and I turned red.

As Tina walked close to me she put her hands out and I yet again just froze, thinking some thing I shouldn’t but she just took my top off me leaving me stood in just her bottoms as she walked in to the other room.

She has legs that I could not stop looking at with her small tight bum and the way she walked, if I stared at her anymore I think I would have burned a hole in her back.

I’m still stood in the hallway not dripping so bad anymore in these tight bottoms and nothing else on but I was warm at least, I heard her call for me to go come through to her, I walked into this big room which looked very modern and not much in there with Tina sat on a big black leather sofa with the fire going and the music playing in the background.

I sat on the sofa and we talked for a while, I told her that she has done well with the house and like what she has done. Conversation went on for a while, I didn’t make a move because I really did not think she was interested but just wanted to help me out of the rain for a while.

Things changed and just came out with the question of how long have I been looking at her when she has been running and why, I just told her the truth and said I think she has really nice body and could not help but look but when she first smiled at me through the window that I had a tingle feeling go up my back, just thinking of it while she was talking to me I started to get a little excited again.

Tina laughed at me and put her hands on my chest but it slipped on to my thigh area and now she’s literally sat really close to me starring into my eyes.

I was asked if I liked her in a softly voice, I tried to whisper but it came out in a mutter but by this time her hand was touching my manhood through these joggers and it bought a smile to her face as I nodded.

I’m desperately trying to think of some thing disgusting to stop me exploding and shooting up my own belly as my cock is now really hard and pointing out the top of her joggers that I have on, she goes to lay on her back and reaches to one side of the sofa then the back of it falls flat, like a big bed.

She’s stretched out in front of me and removes her top all the time looking at me but not saying a word between us. I move around so her legs are down the sides of me but I’m stood upright on my knees.

She reached up and pulled me down by my shoulder, I met gently as I began to kiss her neck with my hand under her body as she is kissing my ears and her tongue softly licking me.

I started to move down her body as she had the nicest pair of breasts I have seen for a long time, I started to suck on her nipples and every so often just bite gently on one and pull it with my teeth while one hand is massaging the other nipple before I work my way across.

I can hear her making noises as a deep tone was going through her lungs with the deep breathing, she put both hands on my hair and pushed me down and I could smell her skin fresh from the shower while I was using most of my mouth to caress her body.

I slipped off the side of the sofa with her legs over each of my shoulders and I have this shaven masterpiece in front of me.

I have never given oral to a woman so was slightly unsure as to what I should do but I remember a friend talking about the alphabet in lowercase with my tongue, so what the hell I went for it working slowly around her, as I got to the letter O she moan’s loudly and I felt her body shake. I carried on with my head firmly pressed in to her pussy lips and her legs was tight around my head every now an again I shook my head and as my arms were reaching up her back I felt her back arch as her legs dipped down and pulled me in.

I placed a couple of fingers on the under side of my chin just inside her moving in and out at a fair pace.

I must have been there for some time but I knew she was loving it, she started to scream and her body rattled as if it was going to exploded, I knew I could not control her and these juices just came pouring out down my fingers and across my chin, the smell wasn’t too pleasing but Tina started giggling like a little girl and pulled my head away from her as she moved to sit up with me in front.

Now me being innocent as I am asked if all was alright, I was told to stand up as she did with me but pushed me back hard and I fell on to a chair behind me, Tina got on to her knees and crawled along the floor in a sexy sort of way towards me coming between my legs and her hands to the side of me gripping her fingers around the sides of the jogging bottoms and pulls them down slowly, my cock just stood up like it has seen freedom for the first time.

She leaned forward and began to lick my sack area taking it fully into her mouth, by this time I am thankful that I have no hair down there from a bet I had a few weeks ago.

I can see her eyes looking straight up my chest at me with one hand on my cock, I desperately wanted this to last and begin to once again think of some thing to calm me down a little.

I’m thinking of people like mo molam and cilia black or Paul o’grady in drag, I think she knew I was calming down a bit and opened her mouth wide with her tongue out and put her lips around the end of my cock as she pulled the skin back and began to suck on my cock.

Oh my heavens, she could have sucked a golf ball through a hose pipe, I have my hand tangled in her hair as she’s moving back and forth, I was just happy that I lasted so long, it might have been 5 minutes but I could have shot after 5 seconds of this.

I am able to stand some more but by absolute surprise she licks her thumb and I felt it go in to my arse, I jumped a little but as she squeezed I felt my cock get a lot harder and all of a sudden with no control I shot my load in to her mouth in the most violent way I have ever done.

She took every drop from me as I was just shaking and my legs went to jelly and I just made some strange noise but my god I had the biggest of grins.

This woman stood up and said she needs to get ready to go out and walked off into the distance into the shower.

My clothes by this time was dry, I took off her jogging bottoms and waited just to say thank you for the dry off and tea.

She walked up to me and kissed me in the best way I have ever had before, I offered to take the jogging bottoms to wash an return them and she let me. And with this I left the door with the sun shining and a hop in my step.

I went out of my way to buy her a new pair and found an exact match as there was a rip in the ones I had on around the waist line, maybe because she was a size 32 waist and I’m a 38-40.

The next week I went to see my friend and took these joggers back with the new pair, I knocked on the door and could see some one walking towards the door though the glass, I began to smile yet again.

As the door opened this lad no older than me was stood there an asked what I wanted, I did ask for Tina but he said she’s gone back home, I handed him the joggers and said could he give this to her.

This is when I found out that Tina was his mum and she been looking after the place for 6 months while he was touring America, he asked me why I had them but I could not tell him the exact reason so just said I drove through a puddle and splashed her while she was running one day last week.

The lad said thank you for being good and looking after his mum like that took them from me and shut the door.

I never seen Tina again but I will never forget her either, I know officially like older women too and would love to try this again but don’t think it will happen.