Written by Aileen-FemDom

11 Feb 2006

About 4 years ago my hubby and I were going through a rough patch and we had a trial seperation of a couple of weeks. At work it was our annualweekend in Blackpool & it came at just the right time to cheer me up.

30 women let free in Blackpool most of us only had a couple of things on our mind, to drink a lot and to get laid.

Anyway on the Friday night we all went to a few pubs and then a night club and although quite a few of us pulled and God knows there is no shortage of men, mostly married doing the same thing as ourselves, I was being a bit choosy and headed back to the hotel just after 1 in the morning.

I decided to ave a night cap in the hotel bar but as I entered it was dark and this husky foreign voice shouted over that they were closed. Seeing my diappointment the voice called out again "OK for a sexy beautiful woman 1 drink on the house" As I looked at the barman I saw an Italian/Spanish looking guy only aged about 20 with smouldering good looks and a smile to die for.

I sat at the bar showing this young guy plenty of cleavage and and constantly crossing and uncrossing my legs he was transfixed. I felt a hot flush growing through my body as this guy who was about 10 years younger than me was making it abundantly clear that he wanted me.

As brazen as I could be I walked around the bar and stood in front of him and slowly kissed him. His arms crept around my waist and I pushed them off me telling him he was not to touch and just let himself be controlled by me. As I said this my hand rubbed across his crotch and I was delighted to feel a large hard erection.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and unbuttoned his trousers which I pulled to the floor with a strong pull, closely followed by his boxer shorts.

Wow what a vision, a fully upstanding cock of about 9 inches was directly in front of my face. Even better his balls were fully shaved and smooth and as I held the tip of his cock my mouth and wet tongue hungrily slobbered over his sac making them glisten with my saliva.

His breathing became heavy as I set to work on him, pulling back his foreskin I revealed his perfect mushroom helmet as his clear early precum oozed from the tip. Looking into his eyes with my forefinger I rubbed his goo all over his helmet.

My eyes never leaving his, my tongue started to lap at his juices and slowly my mouth opened and very slowly I started to feed his cock into my willing wet mouth. Years of practise have led me to be very proficient at oral and relaxing my throat I proceeded to deep throat him without gagging until my tongue was abble to lick his balls at the same time.

Under my technique I knew he would soon orgasm and I could hear that his ime was approaching. Even though his legs were restricted by his trousers around his ankles I still managed to part them a little and as he was about to explode I firmly pushed one of my fingers into his tight ass. This was all to much for him and a torrent of warm salty orgasm started hitting the back of ny throat which I eagerly swallowed.

When his cock started to soften I stood up and just walked out of the bar leaving him breathless and panting. I never did learn his name and of course I got free drinks the following night but there was no repeat performance.