Written by makeussmile

14 Jun 2011

Another incident which happened summer last year......

Im 38, size 10 with a 36dd chest and like to look after myself.

I been out with the girls on a girly sat afternoon/evening day out, and we were all a little tipsy...My husband had agreed to pick me up when i called as all my friends lived the other side of town. I called him and he came to pick me up.

I had waved off my gf's and was waiting for my hubby, I was stood with a guy who had been dancing with me most of the night and as we were passing his house on the way home id agreed my hubby would drop him off..I had been dancing with him quiet a lot and the way he was pressing his croch into me i could tell my little black skirt and mesh top with my knee high boots had turned him on :)...we were talking when my hubby arrived.

I asked my hubby if we could drop off my new friend and he was ok with it. I got in the back seat and as its a 2 door i squeed in and obviously must have flashed my thighs and probably my thong. We got to his house (cant even remember his name) and he asked if we wanted to go in for a drink, before my husband had chance to answer i agreed. We went in and he got us some drinks, hubby had a coke as he was driving. We got chatting and after a bit I asked him if he liked the way we was dancing earlier due to him having had a hard cock. He looked embaressed in front of my hubby but he just smiled and said it happens a lot when people dance with me.

I stood up and asked if he wanted to dance again, he looked sheepish as he looked at my hubby then he stood and we started dancing to some music he had on, I could feel his cock hard again and asked if he liked me. He smiled...I then reached to his cock and released it from his jeans, went down and started to suck him...He smiled...as i was sucking him my hubby was behind me with his hand up my skirt which was now above my ass and he was inserting 2 then 3 fingers in my soaking pussy. I stood up and remvoved the guys jeans i bent over his sofa and just wiggeled my ass inviting him to fuck me, he didnt need asking twice as he grabbed my hips and pushed his cock deep into me. I let out a moan of delight as he started to pound me. My hubby was stood watching and wanking. I could feel this guys cock really thrusting in me and i had my hand on my clit bringing myself to orgasm..

Wasnt long before i could feel his cock start to twitch and he mentioned he was close to cumming and should he pull out.I said god no would be a waste at which point he shot his load deep inside me, pumping every last drop into me. He pulled out and i turned and sucked him getting every last drop off his hard cock...It was at that point my hubby shot his load over my tits.

We all cleaned up had another drink and then we headed home, and I then realised my thong wasnt on and i must have left it at his house...oh well time for hubby to buy me more :)

never saw him again but remember the night well :)