Written by paul

4 Apr 2004

I use to work in a supermarket and one night the alram would not set so i left late and as i lift i looked at the bus stop and there were two girls stand there one was blonde hair bit tubby big breasts. The other was blonde thiner build she had jeans and a t-shirt on. I know them from when they came in to the shop. They saw me so i asked whether they wanted a lift anywhere.

The thiner one X said that they needed to get to wimbledon which was just down the road by car but about a half an hour walk so X and Y got in to the car and we drove off down the road and as we drove Y was in the front with me and she really started to filt asking about my willy and the girl in the back just giggling to herself in the back. Has we got to wimbledon the girl in the back got out and the other girl stayed in the car she said that she was not feeling very well and that she needed to go home and would i take her.

So X went in and meet the friends they were meant to be meeting and i drove off with Y still in the front. As we pulled away she laugh. I looked over at her quickly then said what so funny she undid her seat belt and climb in the back as she did her skirt lifted up and i could see her red knickers. OOPS she said as she feel in to the back seat. Hope you don't see to much it will spoil later if you did. As she said this i looked in the mirror and i could see her open her legs and pull her skirt up slowly. My eyes were going from the road to the mirror and back again as she lifted her skirt further up her leg. Do you know somewhere to stop babe. she said so i pulled in to a college car park in morden. and climb in to the back with her. Her skirt was now right up round her waist. We started to kiss and i could feel myself getting aroused i rub my hand up and down her leg and then on to the inside of her thigh and on to her knickers her hand was now unzipping my troussers she push her hand in and pulled out my willy and started wank it.

I pushed away from her and lifted her top over her head and unclipped her red bra and lifted it over her breasts i started to suck on her nipples and finger her clit i could feel her back lift as i wipe her nipples with my tongue. I then pulled her knickers right off and spread her legs and started to "park the car" her breasts were boucing up and down. I pulled my cock out and shot my load across her body i turned her round and went stright in for the kill on the arse she had both hands pushed up aganist the back window and her arse was really firm again i pulled out before i cum and i sprayed it over her buttocks. Then we climb back in the front and i took her home.