Written by Pete

24 Sep 2006

Back on the 10th September my wife Kerry who is 23, wrote about what had happened when she went round to John’s, our elderly neighbour. I was given the task of writing what happened when we invited him back round to ours.

He had had his 72nd birthday on the Friday and Kerry invited him round to ours on the Saturday. He arrived about 8pm and we had a couple of drinks to get ourselves relaxed. Kerry was wearing a white blouse with a black skirt and she was wearing underneath some sexy white undies that I had bought her especially for the occasion. John was getting chattier and was acting as the barman and keeping us all topped up while I was on music and Kerry was going to be the entertainment. John excused himself and pooped upstairs to our toilet. While he was out of the room I gave Kerry a long deep kiss and help her to me closely. I checked that she was still alright with what we had planned and she nodded enthusiastically. I was giving her another kiss when john walked back in to the room. He apologised for interrupting us but I said don’t be daft I was only warming her up for you. With that Kerry went over and started snogging John. She was kissing him quite passionately and was pulling him against her. I had seen Kerry flirt with other men before but never seen her go as far as this and I knew there was more to come. She then stood back from him and put her arms out to the side. She asked him if he wanted to unwrap his birthday present. John nodded. He started unbuttoning her blouse and I could see his hands were shaking. He undid the last button and slid the silk top of her shoulders. As you may remember Kerry has a big bust and tonight it was beautifully held in a white, lacy front fastening bra. John fiddled with the catch. He eventually undid it and her tits spilled out. He removed it off her and cupped her breast and ran her nipples between her fingers. It did not take long for them to get hard. He bent forward and sucked on each one on turn and then licked them before going back to sucking them again. He seemed very happy just playing with her tits until Kerry reminded him he had more unwrapping to do. He went round behind her and slid the zip of her skirt down. It fell to the floor revealing a tiny white thong. He bent down and rubbed her buttocks and kissed each one in turn. He then looked at me as if to confirm it was ok for him to continue. I raised the glass I was holding and gave him a wink. He smiled and then hooked his thumb through the waistband of Kerry’s thong and eased it down her thighs. When it reached her ankles she stepped out of and stood there naked in front of John. He looked at her slowly from head to toe as if making sure what he was seeing would stay in his memory. Kerry took Johns hand and guided it between her legs. He cupped her pussy if his hand and gave it a bit of a rub before the parted her lips and eased a finger inside. He gasped as he felt how wet she was. Kerry has a very neatly trimmed black bush and John was stroking it with his thumb as his other finger slipped in and out of her hole. Kerry then got John to kneel in front of her so he could give her pussy a good licking. She put one foot up on the arm of the chair to make it easier for him. He soon had his face buried deep in her wet mound and was licking and swallowing greedily. Kerry was moaning slightly and was pulling on her nipples as John ate her cunt. I was pretty hard by now watching what was going on and was rubbing my cock through my trousers. Kerry told John it was his turn to strip and she would help him. He whipped of his shirt as Kerry undid the waistband of his trousers and pulled them and his pants down in a oner. His cock was a little bit shorter than mine but still a good size. He had a semi but Kerry would soon change that. She knelt in front of him and pulled his foreskin back and forward a few times before she popped his cock in to her mouth. She cooed happily as she took him down to his balls. She then concentrated on the head licking it and closing her lips round it. She was rubbing his balls as she did this and also slipped a finger back towards his anus. John tensed up a bit when Kerry did this but she told him to relax and everything would be ok. She licked her finger and then sought out his anus again. This time she eased her finger in a little bit and withdrew it again. She repeated this a few times until her finger was going in and out quite easily. A combination of doing this and the handjob his cock was getting meant that John was now fully erect. Kerry said that was better and she thought that John was ready to fuck her. She lay on her back and opened her legs wide. She spread her pussy and I could now see just how wet she was. John knelt between her legs and eased his cock in to her. He was soon rhythmically pumping her and fondling her tits at the same time. The sight of my young wife being fucked by an old guy was incredible. She was absolutely loving it and squealing with delight as John was grunting with the effort he was putting in. This was as much as I could take so I stripped off and knelt beside Kerry on the carpet. I raised her head up a bit and popped my cock in her mouth. She sucked me hard and squeezed my balls. After a few minutes John suggested that we swap ends. I was happy to oblige. I put my cock in to Kerry’s dripping pussy while John straddled her face so she could give his balls and anus a good licking before he eventually fed her his cock. Then John and I did a bit of tag team by swapping ends every couple of minutes. Kerry was loving having both her mouth and pussy filled with cock at the same time. For an old guy John had some stamina. One minute he was pumping her cunt hard then taking a breather as Kerry sucked him off. After a while Kerry wanted a change and suggested we head up to the bedroom. Once we got on the bed she got John to lie on his back and she then climbed on to his dick. I licked my finger and eased in to Kerry’s arse. She winced a bit but after a minute she was ready for some anal and I gently pushed by cock in to her. I let it settle in her for a short time before I started to fuck that beautiful bottom. She was sliding up and down on John’s shaft while I was getting a good rhythm going up her behind. It wasn’t long before John shot his spunk up her cunt and she kept riding him until he was empty of every last drop. He lay with his dick up her and played with her tits as I pumped her arse frantically. I certainly did not last much longer then John as within a minute I was firing my spunk in to her. I with drew from Kerry and she got off Johns cock and the 3 of us flopped on the bed. After a little while John said he should maybe head back to his house but Kerry would have none of it and insisted that he spend the night with us. John seemed pretty happy when Kerry snuggled up against him and whilst she held his cock she drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I was woken early with phone ringing. It was one of my work mates saying he had a golf tee organised and I could join him if I was quick. I got out of bed and looked over at Kerry. She looks about 19 years old in the morning with her hair ruffled and still full of sleep and she looked really cute as she was still lying cuddling John. I went and showered and got dressed. When I came back in to the bedroom John was up and was about to head down stairs to get his clothes when Kerry stirred. She saw I was dressed and asked me where I was going. I told her and said I better hurry. She then looked at John and said “Oh no you don’t, if Pete’s leaving me I need someone to give me an early morning fuck and that is now your job”. With that she threw back the duvet. John just looked at me as if to say no rest for the wicked. I gave Kerry a quick kiss before I left and the last thing I saw was Kerry grabbing hold of John’s cock and easing it in to her glistening open hole.

When I got back later she was alone curled up in the chair watching Eastenders. She told me she and John had fucked for about an hour after I left. He had wanted to fuck her arse as he hadn’t had a chance the night before. She had let him and he absolutely loved it and had ended up shooting his load in her big style. He had thanked her for a brilliant birthday present and said he hoped he didn’t have to wait a whole year for his next treat. I some how don’t think he will have to wait that long.