Written by Lucky Devil

26 Jul 2004

In 1998 a large group of family members(19 in all) went on a two week holiday to Gran Canaria and we were all surprised it had gone without much of a hitch or so it seemed.We arrived at the complex where we were all due to stay and found that it had been overbooked by one so the rep said that she had a spare room where she was staying which was a couple of blocks away and I offered to take her up on the offer as she quitely told me she didn't want to be given another warning.Bev(the rep who was 23,black and from London)told me I could have some time with my family and she would come and fetch me so she could settle me into my accommodation.I watched as the long legged beauty walked away with her arse wiggling from side to side and a couple of my male family members said they were jealous of me as they reckoned she was a good looking woman.It go to about 12.30 and Bev came and found me in the bar chatting to a couple of people and jokingly said come on then lets go to bed which caused a bit of shock to the others around as I was 35 at the time but looked younger.I told Bev that I couldn't wait to get to bed as it had been a tiring first day and she said she was ready for bed too.She drove me the short distance and I was mesmerised by her long black legs which went right up to the small pair of shorts and I quickly looked away when she saw me looking and we arrived and she said your palace sir and beamed a big wide smile.I removed my bags and lugged them into the apartment and Bev showed me straight to my room and told me to make myself at home and gave me a key so I could come and go as I pleased and she was going to take a shower.I opened my bag and also decided to take a quick shower and changed into a new t-shirt and more relaxing tracksuit bottoms as the shorts were feeling very tight especially in the short car journey.

I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge to find plenty of beer and opened one and started to explore round the apartment and as it wasn't very small I found myself outside Bevs room which had the door wide open and I could hear the running water of the shower and a radio blaring out and I moved quitely in and could see her body through the flowered pattern glass and saw she had a decent pair of tits with big dark nipples and a fair amount of hair between her legs and I was starting to get an erection so I decided to get out and went back downstairs to wait for Bev.She appeared about 3o minutes later and she was wearing a pair of white silk pyjamas and had looked so good my cock started to stir again and asked if Bev fancied a beer so I went to the kitchen and got a couple out and joined her on the sofa.She got the remote and started scanning through the tv channels and asked what I liked to watch and I said I didn't watch much tv but I liked a good film so she leant forward and as she did I had a good view of her tits under her pyjama top and was now fully erect under my tracksuit bottoms and knew she must know this as she would have to be blind not to see it.I asked Bev if she had a boyfriend and she said she had no one serious as it would cause problems with her job and she had already found out from one of my cousins that I was divorced and then she said she was going to bed as there was nothing to watch so she got up and told me to relax and treat the place as my own.So when she was out of sight I flicked through the channels and found a german prono flcik and pulled my trousers down and got about trying to make my cock shrink back down to relieve the pain.On the screen this milk maid was leaning over a bench and was being fucked long and hard by a big blackman and her large tits had spilled out of her blouse and were bouncing around all over the place when Bev shouted out that she would be up early and there she was standing in the doorway asking what I was watching and what I was doing wanking my cock off and I apologised and said I needed to have a wank as I had been hard since I saw you.She walked over to me and got on her knees and licked my helmet which had precum on it and she then moved her mouth over my cock and started to suck it right in and I pushed her head down and opened my legs wider so she could fit in and I was able to massge her tits through her pyjamas and then I started to undo her buttons to set them free.As my cock was rock hard I told Bev to mount it so I could suck on her tits as she rode my erection for all she was worth and she didn't need asking twice and lened back to give me access to her gorgeous black tits with large erect nipples.She was bouncing so hard and moaning I din't know if the neighbours would complain about the noise but she just carried on and I told her I was about to come and she acted as if I hadn't said anything so I pulled her arsecheeks closer and shot my cum into her black hole and kept on pumping until my balls was empty and she kissed me hard on the lips and said hopefully this will be the first of many fucks in the next two weeks and of course it was.I didn't make a complaint to the company instead I sang the praises of Bev and she was promoted to head rep and in return she popped back a couple of times a year and spent a week at my home and we hardly left the house and most times we would be naked.I heard from Bev last year and she told me she is engaged to be married to a local man and she wants to start a family but would still like to meet up if possible as she really enjoyed the sex.I told her if she was ever back in this country to look me up.