Written by Chrissie

17 Dec 2006

We went into a night club toilet, it was signed gents but the ladies was out of order, so what could I do, my bf was with me so felt fairly safe, well as safe as any girl ever is with a randy boyfriend, we went into the cubicle, I was bursting to go as I had been warned the ladies was closed and had waited a long time before daring to go in the gents, I pulled down my thong, hitched up my mini dress and sat on the toilet, my bf watching he loves see me pee, I looked up at his face, he was loving it, I then noticed the holes in the side walls, both sides, there were eyes watching me, I thought about screaming at first but then what good would that do, I had walked into a gents loo of my own accord, what did I think would happen if I screamed, then an arm came through the hole on one side his hand stroking my naked leg, the hole was big enough that he could get his arm right through, he slid his hand up my leg till he reached my pussy, his fingers finding my hole slipped in on my pee, the guy the other side followed suit and both had thier hands and fingers exploring my throbbing pussy.

My bf just stood there smiling at me , not helping me, just enjoying seeing me being mauled by two strangers who I couldn't even see, the rotten sod was loving it, he unzipped his jeans and out popped his cock, hard as iron, he moved towards me, pointing it straight at my mouth, I don't know why but I just opened it to let him stick his cock in, it seemed unreal, sucking my bf and being fingered by two other men who I couldn't see, only thier arms and hands, I could feel myself building up to a climax very quickly, I don't think it was thier tecneque, it was the amazing situation I had got myself into, I came so did my bf, shooting his hot salty spunk down my throut, I couldn't not swallow it as it would have messed up my outfit.

He pulled out and lifted me off the toilet, turning me round to face the pan he bent me over and rammed his big still very hard cock into my cunt, gripping my hips he powered it into me, me is normally a very considerate lover and takes his time to let me get used to the size of his big cock, but not tonight, the strangers hands were now fondling my tits as they hung down, they just pulled my top down to give themselves access to my naked boobs, he told me to move back and pulled me towards him, the hands dissapeared and were replaced by two cocks, he said well give them a wank then, I took one in each hand and wanked them in time with his almost brutal thrusts, I climaxed again, knowing if he wasn't holding me so tight I would have collapsed on the floor, my knees were like jelly, I literally hung onto the cocks to hold myself up, as I recovered I wanked them again, there was a lot of cheering going on outside the cubicle, I guess all the noise I was making made it quite clear what was happening inside, he gave a few even harder thrusts and I felt his cock swell as he shot his come into me.

He told me to sit on the loo again and give the lads a good wanking, I turned and sat down, seeing the two big cocks sticking through the holes, it was an increadable sight, not one I had ever imagined, but it was so sexy, no not sexy just down right horny, I leaned forward and kissed one of them then the other, then sucked then both in turn, they were groaning now as they obviously neared thier climaxes, I wanked them harder, gripping thier shafts like my bf likes me too, still sucking one then the other, the one on the right came his come shooting right across the cubicle, he pulled it back and left me with just one to play with, I thought okay if I've just the one, I'll suck him off, slipping onto my knees on the floor, I gave him all I could, sucking and licking his cock, till he came, again if I hadn't have swallowed it all it would have messed my clothes up so taking every drop, before letting it go, I wiped myself with some toilet paper and we beat a hasty exit.

I wanted to go but he took me to the bar, for a drink, we hadn't been there only a few minutes when two fit young men walked up and offered to buy me a drink, to say thanks, I nearly said what for, but realised who they must have been, to be honest, I would have sucked them both off if they asked they were a couple of very fit lads, in fact if my bf hadn't have been around I might have given then more.