Written by micheal

4 May 2006

after reading gloryhole story posted by slut on 22 april i told my wife i know where to find such a hole a few miles away in the gents toilets,she became very excited at the thought of sucking a cock and not seeing who it belonged to.

she prepared herself heavy makeup short skirt no knickers plus the whore heels she likes to wear,it took awhile to get her in there unseen but we managed it.

as anyone knows who has been to one of these holes it doesnt take long for a cock to appear and what a brute of a penis it was thick and heavily veined,she took hold of the shaft and rolled back his foreskin then stretched her lips over his purple helmet the thing was so thick it looked almost obscene her trying to devour it i was having a lick to.

after few minutes i heard a grunt then a torrent of sperm gushing from her lips.we played with his spunk for a while untill the next cock not as big but still nice while she sucked him i prepared her arsehole with some ky jelly we had planned to get her arse fucked.

she turned round and bent over good job she had the six inch stilletoes on or she wouldnt have been high enough to take the cock.she pulled her arse cheeks apart and i placed the cock at her hole she pushed back slowly taking it as far as the wall would allow then he started pumping hard and cum up her.

we had 3 more do her arse then i had my fun as the last one withdrew i looked at her gaping arse full of semen had a lick then fucked her lovely 50 year old arse till my load was sloshing around in there,

she then got in a squat position and i whatched the lot dripping out of her onto the tiled floor what a mess,

i wonder if the author that calls herself the slut would like to do the same.