Written by Tony Montana

8 Jul 2003

Katrina and me were all about sex.both divorced and really going short of sex. it was my opening line when I first met her,and we there and then decided we would as a team rectify the situation.

Dogging was our first priority, and on the first visit to New-Brighton,I flashed her white pants to two blokes ,and asked them to describe what they might see.they were duckin and divin to get a better veiw,I told them there was not to be any penetration, and ,one in particular said 'I love hairy' and he nearly shot his load when I pulled her gusset to one side, because hers was the bushiest growler in the north of England!!

He swooped into her muff as I was shagging her mouth, with real slow strokes, enjoying her reactions to his tonguing, and after afew strokes on his cock, he cum on the car floor, and a bit on her legs, his mate however was so much better at giving her so much pleasure as I carried on with my slow mouth fuck, and he made Katrina explode into bucking and ,she nearly bit my dick off, anyway after half an hour and 5 cums(jointly) we all went home, me quite happy and oblivious,till she said how good the second guy was, I asked if he'd had a long thick tongue, or what, and she smiled back,and said to me that I had been out of order telling them no penetration,and called me a selfish c**t, she then described to me how the second guy had expertly greased her arsewith saliva and pussy juice and finger fucked her arse to give her two sneaky/sly orgasms.Dirty deceitful bitch, thats why sex was brilliant with her.