Written by Jimmy

30 Jun 2004

Mark was riding his Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R to the sport centre, for a quick workout in the gym. It was his flex-day off work so the gym would be relatively quite, as it could get quite busy in the evenings or at the weekend. There were a few women outside the gym as he pulled up in the car park, being a bike you can usually park it at the front door. After changing he entered the gym and started warming up with a bike ride, looking around while he pedalled he notice most of the others to be women with only one other guy there. The women he’d seen outside entered the gym, they weren’t all in one group though. He found it amusing seeing the outfits some women wear to the gym, there were some really skimpy leotards there that warranted a second or third look at.

After Working out for three quarters of an hour, Mark thought he’d done enough and headed for a shower and to get changed. As he headed out to his bike he noticed someone sitting on it, bloody hell he thought a bit cheeky that. As he neared he noticed it was a woman, she was one he’d seen in the gym earlier. “Hello” he said. She looked up at him embarrassed to be caught sitting on his bike, “I’m sorry” she said, “I couldn’t resist it as I’ve always wanted one myself”. She had strawberry blond red hair and a wonderful smile Mark couldn’t help but notice, “Have you been on a bike before” he said. “Oh sure I have” she said, “my ex boyfriend used to take me on his, but it wasn’t as big as this”. “It was a few years ago now and I miss going out on it”, “I’ll take you out for a ride” he said. “Would you,” she said with a big beaming smile on her face, as it lit up and glowed. “I only live a few minutes walk away” she said, “hop on” he said, “I’ll take you there”. “But I don’t have a helmet?” she said, “Ah don’t worry about it,” he said.

Mark started the bike up and she jumped on the back, she held onto him as they went the short distance to her house. Her short hair blowing in the breeze, she held him around the waist and managed to direct him through the maze to her house. They both got off the bike, “I’m Mark” he said introducing himself “Oh sorry I’m Sarah,” She said leading him up the path to her house. They went inside “would you like a coffee while I change,” she said, “okay then” he replied. After making the coffee Mark sat down while she shot upstairs, “I’ll not be a long,” she said. She came down carrying her leathers and helmet, “I hope they still fit” she said “as they’ve not been on for a while”. Mark was surprised when she started to remove her clothes in front of him, she took off her thin jacket she had on and was wearing a thin white t-shirt under it. He nearly choked on a mouth full of coffee when he saw her pulling her trousers down in front of him, revealing the small black thong she had on underneath. She smiled at him “I hope you don’t mind me getting changed” “no, no not at all” he said admiring the view. She flicked her trousers out and put her leg in one then the other and pulled them up to her bum, “Now the last bit” she said as Mark watched her cover up her sexy bum and thong. “They still fit,” she screeched with joy and what a picture she looked in the tight fitting leather trousers. Mark watched as she then removed her t-shirt, she faced away from him and said, “no peeking” as she then removed her bra, her bare back and tight black leather jeans looked a picture. Picking up her jacket she put it on and zipped it up and turned round, “there” she said “all ready to go now”. Mark could see through her half zipped up jacket, a nice pair of boobs bulging through the unzipped gap. “Great, lets go then” he said.

Out on the bike they set off, Sarah wrapped her arms round Marks waist as they went. They rode for about an hour taking in the scenery and sweeping roads, before stopping for fuel and a rest. “Are you enjoying your first ride for a while then” Mark enquired, “Oh very much” Sarah replied. “Is there anywhere you’d like to go from here?” mark asked, “I know a great place up on the cliffs overlooking the sea not far from here” she said. “Okay, you show me where to go then” he said as they continued. She guided Mark to a cliff top lookout and they parked the bike on a grassy slope away from the car park, which was empty anyway. They took off their helmets and lay down on the grassy bank, while taking in the sea views. “This is a great place” Mark said as he soaked up the sunshine, “I’m getting hot now we’ve stopped” Sarah said unzipping her jacket as low as she dare. Mark looked admiringly at her cleavage before lying back down on the ground, Sarah leaned over him and kissed him on the lips. Their initial peak soon turned into a full on snog, Mark held Sarah as she lay next to him. Where was this going to go he thought to himself, as he pulled her closer? She slid across the top of him and laid on top of him as they continued to kiss, he couldn’t help but notice her hips pressing against his as she lay on top. Straddling him she sat up while still perched on his lap, then removing her jacket all together. He watched her boobs swing free and reached up and cupped them, Sarah rolled her head back at the pleasure of being touched. Mark felt her erect nipples under his palm as he mauled and played with them, he sat up and placed his mouth over one nipple and sucked. Sarah wrapped her arms around him and enjoyed the sensations, her hips wriggling on the growing bulge inside his leather jeans. He took turns sucking and licking each nipple, alternating this between snogging bouts, Sarah helped him off with his jacket and t-shirt and they were both bare topped in the sunshine. They rolled in the grass for a while both noticing things were getting very passionate between them, “Ah you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to experience this again” she tells him, “How long has it been” he enquired. “To bloody long” she said. With that she started undoing the button and zipper on his leather jeans, easing them open as much as she could and delving inside looking for his manhood. After her lead Mark did the same to Sarah, easing the button open and sliding her zip down. Sarah laid on her back arching up to get her bum off the ground to ease her jeans down over her bum, Mark moved to her feet and slid her boots off and eases her leather jeans right off leaving Sarah only wearing her thong. Returning to lay beside Sarah they kiss before she breaks away pushing him onto his back, and tugging the buckles on his boots as she set about taking them off. Once removed he raised his hips as she tug his leather jeans down off his hips, taking his boxer shorts with them his cock bouncing free as she sights his cock for the first time. Sarah took them right off then, looking back she clasped his cock with both hands, as she guided her mouth to the tip of his cock and licked his purple head. Mark lay naked on the grass as Sarah set about giving him a BJ, he never expected to be here when he set off to the gym this morning. Sarah had her lips round his cock, one hand clasping the base of his cock, the other cupping his balls. Mark let Sarah do the business on him enjoying the moment, “for someone out of practice you sure know how to do it” he said. Sarah just looked up at him her mouth full and bulging with his cock, as she started taking him even deeper. Mark closed his eyes letting Sarah take him all the way, feeling her wiggling her tongue chasing up and down the length of his cock. Working her hands in unison with her sucking, she stimulated him to the point of no return. Sarah sensed Mark about to let go as his cock started flinching in her hands, and she felt the gush of cum whacking the back of her throat. Holding firm she swallowed as quickly as she could so as not go gag on him, while wringing the remainder of cum from his cock as she kept working him up and down. Stopping she laid down on top of Mark setting herself up to kiss him, his slackening cock pressing into her as he opened his mouth to kiss her. She pressed her mouth to his opening it slowly and poking her tongue into his mouth, where he received a gush of his own cum. Without pulling away they snog one another, until Mark rolls Sarah onto her back and lays on top of her. Breaking away he kissed his way down her neck to her boobs, sucking and teasing her nipples, moving his hands down he slipped them under Sarah’s thong teasing them off her moist skin. He eased them down breaking away from her nipple to move down and remove Sarah’s thong altogether. As she lifted her feet to help him take it off, he parted her legs wide as he settled himself between them. As he lowered his face to her pussy he saw her trim shaved pussy, as he parted her lips with his tongue and tasted her sweet juices inside. Sarah held onto his head as he flicked and worked his tongue around inside and over her clit, pushing one hand up he massaged a breast and inserted some fingers of the other. Mark worked a couple of fingers deep into Sarah, her head rocked from side to side as Mark brought her to orgasm. Griping his head tight she held him steady enjoying the moment, as her body erupted and that feeling of euphoria griped and washed through her. Mark lay down next to Sarah, the sun beating down on their naked sweaty bodies. After laying there for a few minute Sarah reached out looking for Mark’s cock, she found it semi hard and began squeezing and wanking it. Before long she had a hot poker in her hand, Mark pushed Sarah onto her back and picking up her ankles settled himself between her legs. Reaching out she guided his cock to her pussy, parting her pussy lips and pushing down she felt his cock head pushing inside. Mark lifted Sarah’s ankles onto his shoulders as he leaned forwards driving his cock deeper into her Sarah’s mouth opened as she gasped at the sensation of feeling someone inside herself again. Mark rocked himself back and forth his cock going deeper into Sarah with each thrust, feeling his balls banging against her he knew he was all the way in. Reaching out Mark steadied himself with hands either side of Sarah, he could pull himself out and drive it back into her with force. They heard a car pulling up into the car park, and both froze at hearing the doors being slammed shut. Neither of them wanted to stop, so quietly they carried on listening out for where they had gone. They soon forgot about the intruders and settled into a rhythm; Mark managed to reach Sarah’s nipple and sucked and chewed on it. Sarah rocked her head from side to side, enjoying the feeling and sensation, Mark was doing to her, when she suddenly caught sight of a couple standing about 20 feet away looking at them. Both of them looked back at Sarah watching them, Sarah didn’t flinch or stop Mark who hadn’t noticed and continued sucking and fucking her. They watched for what seemed like ages before waving at Sarah and walking the other away, Mark quickened the pace and the excitement of being seen soon got Sarah panting out loud. Mark realised she was near and speeds up dramatically, with short fast strokes he pumped it into her as she let out a cry as she cums. He didn’t back off the pace and broke away from sucking her nipple, let out a grunt as he shoots off himself. Wrapping her arms round him they snogged one another as he slowed, Sarah managed to get her legs back down wrapped them around Marks back. Teasing him she worked her pelvic muscles, and wrung the last few drops of cum from Marks cock. Mark rolled off Sarah onto his back lying beside her, “You didn’t see that couple watching us did you?” she asked. “Oh no did they see us” he enquired. “Oh yes they were stood over there by those bushes, where they spotted us when they came round the corner”. Mark looked over “bloody hell they must have seen it all from there” he said, “Oh they did” she told him with a smile. He smiled back “I thought you got awfully excited very quickly” he said, “yes being watched certainly excited me, and from complete strangers too” she said.

After lying in the sun soaking up the rays for a while, they kissed and put their clothes back on. Sarah held onto Mark differently on the way back, just down the road from the lookout they came past a pub and pulled in. “I fancy a drink” said Mark “do you want one too?” he said. “I sure do”; she said to him. So in they went to the cool shadows of this country pub, they got to the bar and after ordering their drinks looked about. Sarah jumped when she noticed the couple that had seen them at the look out, she knew when they looked at her and smiled at each other knowingly. Sarah turned round to Mark and told him who was there in the pub with them, he gingerly looked around at them without wishing to stare. They were slightly younger looking than Mark and Sarah, Mark turned to Sarah and whispered “they look alright don’t they?” and winked at her. They went over and sat on the next table to them, smiled and said “Hello” as they did so. “Have you been up to the lookout” the guy said, “there are some lovely views up there” he said smiling. “We both enjoyed seeing how much you could see from there, it was quite an eye opener”. They introduced themselves as Debbie and John, and were staying in the pubs B&B accommodation while they toured about the area. “Come and join us over here” John said to Mark & Sarah, which they did. It turned out John and Mark were in similar lines of work and got involved in conversation. Debbie started asking Sarah about being on the bike and the clothing, she liked how good Sarah looked in it. “I’m sure you’d look just as good in it too,” Sarah said. “Your about my size” Sarah said “you could try it on it you wanted to see what you looked like?” Debbie said, “come on then if you don’t mind, I’ve always fancied getting leather jeans and a biking jacket”. With that they told the boys they were going up stairs to their room, so that Debbie could try on Sarah’s biking leathers.

When they arrived in the room Debbie closed the door behind them, as Sarah went to the zip of her jacket. “I’m not wearing very much on underneath” she said, “as it can be very warm with these on in the summer”. “I don’t mind seeing you without many clothes on” Debbie said, “in fact I’d quite enjoy it!” As she smiled at Sarah who smiled back and started undoing the zip of her jacket, Debbie’s eyes followed the zip down as Sarah teased her until she could see there was nothing on under it. Debbie’s eyes widened as Sarah opened the jacket revealing her boobs to Debbie for the first time, her nipples visible excited and hard at showing herself off to another woman like this as she slid the jacket over her shoulders and down her back. She was topless when Sarah said “are you going to put it over what you’re wearing?” “I think its to hot in here to have these on under it” she said and started to remove her jumper and blouse too. Sarah looked on as Debbie took off what she had on, but soon realised Debbie wasn’t wearing a bra either. They both stood there topless admiring one another when Sarah opened the button and zip of the jeans, Sarah could see the excitement in Debbie too as her nipples were indicating she found this exciting too. Sarah pushed her hands inside the jeans and peeled them down off her bum, wiggling her hips to help them slide down as she did so. Sitting on the bed she kicked off her boots and pulled the jeans off, standing up again only wearing her thong. Debbie was noticeably excited, she gave this away when her nipples and aurora became engorged and swollen with excitement. She too kicked off her shoes and unbuttoning her skirt, let it fall to the floor revealing she had no underwear on. Sarah couldn’t help but look down at Debbie’s pussy, she was clean-shaven as she stood there naked for Sarah to see. Sarah was visibly excited too, and it became apparent to both girls that they both wanted more than swapping clothes. They were both stood close to one another; when Debbie lifted her hand round Sarah’s neck and pulled her close to kiss her. They both knew it was going to happen and each tilted their heads in opposite directions as their mouths touched, and their lips and tongues began to explore one another. As they each pulled the other closer, exploring hands began to touch the other. Sarah slid her hand round to touch and feel Debbie’s tits, cupping and gently squeezing them before feeling her nipples at last. Its felt wonderful being able to experience another woman’s nipple, as Sarah bent down to suck it. Debbie moaned as Sarah tentatively licked the hard bud, before placing her lips onto Debbie’s tit and sucking it into her mouth and flicking it again with her tongue. Debbie mean- while pushed her hand down between Sarah’s legs, and pressed the gusset of her thong feeling her lips pressing against the fabric. Sarah’s thong was moist, very moist from her time up on the lookout with Mark. So as Debbie’s fingers eased her thong to one side, she found a moist sticky pussy in her fingers. She stroked and run her fingers between the lips of Sarah’s pussy, this was enough to make Sarah stop sucking for a moment and moan with the pleasure she felt. The two of them fell onto the double bed, Debbie eased her self up and removed Sarah’s thong peeling the sticky gusset from her pussy as she slid it down and off. They were both naked know, Debbie laid herself down on top of Sarah. Their legs scissoring each other’s as Debbie pressed her body against Sarah’s, they both kissed each other passionately. Sarah wondered if Debbie had done this before, as she knew how to press her pussy against Sarah’s to maximum effect. The feeling of Debbie working her pussy up and down against Sarah’s was electrifying for them both, as Sarah felt emotions and feelings she didn’t know existed in her before. Debbie moved off Sarah and turning round she put one leg over the other side of her, Sarah new what was about to come as Debbie lowered herself to Sarah’s mouth. While lowering her head to Sarah’s pussy as well, Sarah opened her legs expectantly as she reached up either side of Debbie and guided her down to her mouth. Debbie’s tongue was the first to make contact, as Sarah felt a rush of excitement at feeling her tongue parting her pussy lips. She felt a warmth inside as Debbie’s tongue lapped and wiggled it’s way inside her, She must like the taste of sex thought Sarah as Mark had filled her full earlier. Sarah’s turn arrived as she felt Debbie’s pussy was close enough, she could smell the aroma of Debbie’s sex before she pushed out her tongue to taste her. Pushing her tongue between Debbie’s parting lips, Sarah tasted the warm juices of Debbie’s cum. As she wiggled and probed her tongue into Debbie, her juices were flowing into Sarah’s mouth and she could taste the sweet taste of her cum. She’d tasted nothing like it before other than her own, but Debbie’s was different. Debbie being on top must have had prior knowledge of what to do, as she wiggled and shook her pussy on Sarah’s probing tongue. She knew where to get Sarah licking her, and she knew how to lick Sarah’s pussy and clit as it was sending her wild. Debbie soon had Sarah squirming and moaning with the licking action she had, Sarah tried to feel what Debbie was doing and do it back to her. She was teaching her knowingly or not, Sarah was learning how to pleasure another woman. Sarah couldn’t contain herself much longer and she had to stop and cry out, as Debbie really got the better of her. She was panting frantically, Debbie was licking her clit like she’d never experienced before. Sarah felt her body tighten and a whoosh go through her; she tingled, as every bodily sense was on fire. She arched her body pressing it tighter to Debbie’s snaking tongue, before flopping back onto the bed. She pressed her tongue back into Debbie’s pussy pulling her bum checks down to press her tight onto her mouth, as she forced it as far into Debbie as she could. Then working it round on over her clit she tried to emulate what Debbie had just done to her, as she wiggled and flicked Debbie’s clit back and forth. This soon had Debbie panting and pressing it back and forth she wiggled it about on Sarah’s tongue, She began to cry out as Sarah could sense she was having the desired effect on her. Debbie’s head flopped down onto Sarah as she moaned and panted, Sarah never felt this exhilarated before giving another woman so much pleasure. Debbie turned round and lay on the bed next to Sarah, when they both noticed Mark and John standing in the room watching them.

Both Mark and John were obviously excited at seeing Debbie and Sarah, doing what they just done to one another. Neither wanted to interrupt what they had just seen, when they arrived in the room unnoticed so they stood and watched. Debbie encouraged John round the other side of the bed where she was lying, and they both kissed one another. Mark sat on the bed beside Sarah, where she reached up and started to pull his jacket off him. He helped and eased it back and off, then she pulled up his t-shirt and slipped it off his head. Reaching for his leather jeans she tugged the button open and pulled his zip down, standing up he pushed his jeans boxers and boots off. He was naked and fully hard after just seeing the two girls, Debbie and John noticed Mark was naked and watched as she spread her legs. He lay down between them his hard cock poked the entrance of her pussy easily and he was in, propped up on his arms Debbie and John watched them both as Mark began to thrust his cock the full length into and out of Sarah with slow deliberate strokes. Sarah too lifted herself up too to watch Marks cock sliding the full length in and out of her, what made it more exciting was having Debbie and John there next to them watching so closely. After a while of this Mark managed to roll Sarah round so that she was on her knees, kneeling behind her he held her hips and thrust his cock in from behind. Sarah lent forwards onto her elbows, Her boobs rocking back and forth as Mark thrust into her from behind. John couldn’t take it anymore and neither could Debbie as she helped him strip off, once naked Debbie lay on her back as John picked up and parted her legs thrust his cock forward. He plunged into Debbie gradually getting himself right inside, holding and supporting her below her knees he held her legs up for support as he thrust in and out. Realising Debbie was now lying beside her; Sarah leaned across and started to kiss Debbie while the two guys shagged them. After kissing for a while Sarah was being shoogled back and forth with Mark’s deep thrust, as she lent further forwards Debbie was able to suck her breast. Sarah moaned out load at being fucked and having her nipples sucked at the same time, the sight of the two girls still playing with one another and the noise of Sarah’s moaning soon had Mark grunting as he cum inside Sarah. Shooting his spunk into her he thrust and pulled on her hips as he stabbed his cock in hard. Marks thrusts and his banging slapping balls on her clit, plus Debbie sucking and chewing her nipples had Sarah screaming and panting. The rush through her body again was an unbelievable sensation, being in a group session they were having, heightened the senses beyond what she’d known or experienced before. Mark slowed but didn’t stop, he settled into a gentle rhythm just rocking it back and forth inside Sarah. As the two of them became much more aware of Debbie and John beside them, Sarah moved slightly and started to suck on Debbie’s nipples. Both Debbie and John were excited at seeing and hearing Sarah and Mark just cum together beside them, Mark was banging it into Debbie but just then Sarah reached out and pushed her hand onto Debbie’s pussy. Her fingers sliding either side she could feel John’s cock sliding in and out, as she then pressed her palm against Debbie’s clit she could feel the moist cum of Debbie on her fingers. Squeezing her fingers together she gripped John’s between them as he slid in and out, pressing her palm up and down on Debbie’s clit soon had her panting and crying as she sucked on her nipple. Sarah bit into her nipple gently as she pushed Debbie over the top, John too grunting out loud gasped it was clear he was shooting off.

They all rested for a while, drinking some water Debbie and Sarah went through to the en-suite to relieve themselves. John and Mark sat in the armchairs for a moment, each of them grinning neither able to believe what was happening to them. Debbie and Sarah returned from the bathroom and sat either side of the bed, Mark flicked the stereo on and soft music filled the air. Sarah lay flopped back on to the bed, then Debbie followed the two of them lying across the bed beside one another. It wasn’t long before the guys noticed exploring hands going out to touch each other, each one of them stroking and touching the others skin and body. Before long Sarah had rolled on top of Debbie, she was on top this time and keen to experience what she had earlier. Debbie was right on the edge of the bed so Sarah had to pull herself further over to be on top of Debbie, she gently placed her knees either side of Debbie. Debbie raised her hands to Sarah’s hips and pulled her down reassuring her it was okay too, as she too split her legs wide apart for Sarah. The guys watched transfixed from the comfort of the chairs as the two girls set about one another again, they both began to tongue each other this time the taste of the guys cum mixed up with the others cum juices. Both Sarah and Debbie licking globs of Mark’s and John’s cum out of each other’s pussy, as each one oozed more juices with the excitement of it. Mark and John began to gently wank themselves while watching the two girls, It wasn’t long before they were both hard and pumped up at the sight of them licking each other. John was first to make a move from his chair; he knelt on the floor between Debbie’s legs looking down at Sarah tonguing Debbie. Holding his cock firm he prodded at Debbie once in he held it there, letting her relax before pushing deeper gently rocking it back and forth. It wasn’t until Mark stood up did he realise John had just pushed into Debbie’s arse, and Sarah was still tonguing her pussy. Sarah could see it all and so close up she watched transfixed as John slide inside Debbie, her arse opening round his cock and enveloping him as he fed it into her. Mark wasn’t sure if he should try this on Sarah as John and Debbie maybe did this often, but hardly knowing Sarah until today he wasn’t sure how she’d take to him doing that to her. Sarah guessed what was coming when she felt the bed press down behind her, as Mark kneeled on the bed. As her came up behind her Debbie realised he was there and stopping for a moment and sucked on his cock, he let her suck on it for a while before pulling from her lips and sliding it into Sarah’s pussy. She was still hot and sticky with his cum from before, and she pressed back to feel his cock stabbing into her. Mark then withdrew his cock looking down he could see Debbie staring up at him, as he aimed his cock at Sarah’s arse. Prodding her gently she pushed back on him until the tip of his cock slipped in, he saw her bum cheeks tense for a moment. Gradually she relaxed the initial pain subsiding, he began to rock gently until she got accustomed to this strange new sensation. Debbie returned and continued licking Sarah’s pussy, as did Sarah into Debbie’s. John was giving Debbie long big strokes of his cock now, Sarah continued to watch as she licked Debbie. Feeling her own arse being invaded, she knew the sensation Debbie was receiving as she could feel it too. Mark held Sarah’s hips as he steadied himself into a slow rhythm, he watched John’s strokes into Debbie and followed how fast and deep to take her. The four of them tied together as one all experiencing multiple sensations, the once tense feeling experienced by Sarah soon gave way to a pleasure she enjoyed. As the boy’s increased the pace of their shagging, the girl’s licked each other faster. Both of the girls could be heard moaning with pleasure, while remaining to keep licking the other. As the two guys increased still faster it was getting too much for Sarah, as she couldn’t help but cry out as she cum. Mark could feel Sarah cum so could Debbie, he’d wanted to wait until she had before letting himself go. With a groan he shot off inside her, once Sarah has calmed she returned to Debbie. Licking her pussy and clit she did what ever she could to excite Debbie enough to make her cum, Flicking her tongue in over and around Debbie was soon gasping. Mark too soon realised she was near, and with stabling strokes he shot off his next load of cum. His cock flinching inside her as she could feel his warm injection of cum in her arse, She yelped as she let go and gasped for air panting wildly. John eased out Mark had already managed to withdraw from Sarah, when they all collapsed on the bed tired and exhausted.

After recovering on the bed for a while, Sarah got up and asked Debbie and John if she could use their shower. “Go ahead” they said, so grabbing Mark’s arm she dragged him into the shower with her. The two of them washed and bathed the other under the stream of water, occasionally kissing and hugging the other before stopping and drying each other off. They put on their leathers again and returned on the bike to Sarah’s house, it was getting late when they got back so Mark ended up crashing the night at Sarah’s.