Written by jacman1

22 Oct 2006

my wife and i had always fantasised about her shagging other blokes. after about twelve years of marriage she finally made this become a reality. firstly she went out and let my best mate fuck her. and he did that good a job she was thrilled that she could make him come at will. she came home and was really timid about what she had done. that was till she saw the effect it had on me knowing she had her cunt full of his cum.we fucked like teenagers all weekend.so we talked after and realised that no harm had been done to our relationship and we would like a repeat.so the next weekend she went out with stockings wrap over skirt and really low top. hence men not being reliable he was nowhere to be seen. so i was waiting outside the club expecting her to walk out with him. when she finally came out it was with another good mate who i knew and i also knew how well endowed he was. after the normal chit chat they wandered off till they thought was a quiet area. meanwhile i got in a position wher they would not see me. after a quick snog and grope i saw his hand move between her legs. he felt her stockings and could not contain hisself within seconds he had his fuull nine inch between her legs and was giving her the fucking of a lifetime she came allmost on entry and followed this with regular orgasms. he fucked her front and doggy for a good hour and she just kept sucking him back to hardness for him to repeat. i thought the had finished so i went back home to wait her arrival.an hour later she arrived and told me he had fucked her again. this time really close to the house.after three times on different occasions of her getting well fucked by him we got the courage to tell him what we where up to and he became part of our threesome on a weekly basis. we even shagged her two nights on the trot and i was so pleased to watch come on his dick there were times i would just let them fuck for ages.she always came home with him and sometime he had allready had a play with her. we are still happy and hope we still have acouple more sessions left in us hope you enjoy this a it really is a true account.