Written by Dan

7 Aug 2003


As Julie walked home, she pondered on what had happened. There was no doubt that what she and Dave had experienced had been totally mind-boggling. But always her thoughts went back to seeing Dave fuck his mother. Both of them had clearly enjoyed it and she guessed that when they got back to their house, they had continued to fuck. She didn’t consider herself prudish but the idea of Dave fucking his mother somehow troubled her.

As she walked along, she passed her grand parents’ house. “Hallo, there” called her grandmother, “You look very thoughtful. What’s wrong?”

Julie liked her grandparents a lot. They had been very kind to her and her mother when the divorce was going on and always had a kind and helpful word for her.

“Oh, nothing really.”

“Well come in and tell Granddad and me what you’ve been up to.”

Julie went into the house and kissed both of her grandparents. They were in their late fifties but looked much younger. Her grandfather sailed his boat almost each day in summer while her grandmother still played quite a mean game of tennis.

She sat down and waited as her Grandmother brought her a glass of cool lemonade.

“ Now Julie tell us what you’ve been doing.”

Julie started to tell them about what she was doing in college. Her grand parents asked about various things and then asked about her love life. Julie was hesitant to tell them too much about what she and Dave had been doing but slowly as they asked about little details she began to tell them all that she and Dave had been doing. Her grandparents smiled as she described her antics with Dave. They did not show any signs of disapproval and her grand mother said, “It seems to me that you and Dave have been having a great time, so what was making you so thoughtful as you walked along?”

“Well, when we were at Sir John’s this morning Dave fucked his mother and plainly both of them enjoyed it.”

“So, what was wrong with that?” asked her grandfather.

“I thought that fucking your mother or father was wrong”

“Yes, the law says you shouldn’t do it but there’s no question that most people do it but don’t talk about it.”

“Most people?” asked Julie. “Have you and grandma ever done it?”

Her grandparents looked at each other and nodded. “Julie, I introduced your Uncle Billy to sex and he still comes round and we have a little fuck from time to time.” Julie looked at her grandfather and he said. “Yes, I was the first person to fuck your mother and she still comes here whenever she’s feeling low.”

Julie felt stunned by these revelations and she sat down. Her grand mother said, “Why don’t you sit on your grandfather’s knee and tell us all about what Dave did to his mother.”

Julie sat on his knee and he put his arm round her while gently cuddling her breast with his other hand. She relaxed and began to tell the details of Dave with his mother. Her grandfather’s hand gently explored her breasts and then dropped down to her crutch. He pulled up her skirt and her grandmother gently eased Julie’s panties off. Her grandmother opened Julie’s legs and began to lick her cunt. Julie found it both relaxing and arousing. She cuddled up closer to her grand father and felt his erection through his trousers. He gently eased her onto the seat beside him and took out his cock. It was nowhere as big as Dave’s but it still looked capable of giving a lot of pleasure. Julie took it in her hand and after stroking it once or twice took it into her mouth. The three of them played with each other before her grandmother pulled away and said, “Julie, your mother and uncle are coming to supper tonight, why not invite Dave and his mother so that we can all meet each other.”

Julie agreed but still worried about all these people she knew meeting together.

She went home. Washed and changed and told her mother of the invitation. “Did grandfather tell you what we do at these suppers?”

“Not exactly, but I think I can guess.”

OK, let’s go but if you don’t like anything just say so and we’ll leave.”

Julie couldn’t think of anything, which would make her want to leave, but said nothing.

They walked to her grandparent’s house. Uncle Billy was already there and a few minutes later Dave arrived with his mother. Introductions were made and they sat down to eat. Dave was placed between grandmother and mother. Julie between grandfather and Uncle Billy. As they ate, Julie felt hands slipping up her legs from both sides. She looked at her uncle and grandfather but they were seemingly engaged in conversation with the others. The hands moved up further until both of them were on the rim of her panties. A finger slid inside and began to caress her cunt. Julie sat there silently. Her cunt was flowing with juices and she began to climax.

Opposite her, Dave was experiencing much the same treatment. One of the hands unzipped his flies and pulled out his cock. Julie’s mother started. She couldn’t believe that Dave could be so big. What she was holding was almost too big for her hand to fit round and the length!

She slid down from her chair beneath the table and put his enormous cock in her mouth. By this time no one was pretending to have a conversation and hands and mouths were everywhere. As Julie’s mother sucked Dave, her grandmother was pulling off Dave’s shirt and kissing his nipples. At the other end of the table, Uncle Billy had dived beneath the table and was tonguing Julie as hard as he could.

“I think it’s about time we moved to the bedroom said grandfather”. There was a general pulling together of bits of clothing and they all moved into the bedroom. Grandfather told Dave to lie down on his back and Julie to kneel beside him. The others proceeded to take off their clothes and strip Dave and Julie. Grandfather entered Julie from behind and proceeded to fuck her. Uncle Billy was at her front and she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck. Dave’s magnificent cock waved in the air before Julie’s mother straddled him and slid down its shaft. She let out a whoop of delight and started to ride him with at an ever-increasing pace. Grandmother crouched over Dave’s face and lowered her cunt onto his mouth. Dave began to lick her while heaving in rhythm with Julie’s mother. For a while, there was no sound save for the slurping of tongues and the pumping of cocks in and out.

“Hold it’, said grandfather. “This is the first time Julie and Dave have joined us and I think we should ask them to have a celebration fuck for us. Come on you two, let’s see what you can do.”

Dave got up, as did Julie. They looked at each other and without a word, Julie knelt down and Dave began to fuck her from behind. After a few minutes, Julie rolled over and pulled Dave’s cock into her mouth. Dave buried his head in Julie’s crutch and they began to stimulate each other ‘69’. The others had been watching but as Dave and Julie forgot their them as they made low moans as each excited the other, Grand father entered Julie’s mother from behind so that they could continue to watch Dave and Julie. Uncle Billy did the same with grandmother and they continued on like this for the next hour..

At last, everyone was completely fucked and reluctantly, they dressed and got ready to leave. Grandfather said that they should do this again soon. Dave and Julie agreed but adding that they would bring along Sir John, Muriel his wife, Dave’s mother and sister and anyone else who they met for a fuck.


So that’s the end of my trilogy. I hope you enjoyed it and thank those people who have shown interest in making the film. I’ll get back to each one of you and let you know how’s it developing. All I would say, at this point, is that the role of grandfather is mine. I am the original dirty old man and I want to prove it on film – so there.

Love to you all – and happy fucking.