Written by Paula

3 Oct 2006

We had gone to Pefkori in Halkidiki for our hols and had done the tourist things in our hire car with a bit of sun bathing in between. We had been told of a great beach abiut 4 Kilometers away with golden sand and dunes so decided to give it a try. We arived about noon and found it down a dirt track as directed quite a way off the main road.

There were two cars parked as we drove in and a white van lower down at the back of the dunes.

Tom brought the cool box from the back and we walked over the dune to the beach to be confronted by a couple in their 30s lying naked on towels straight in front of us .

I was embarrassed and we moved up the beach slightly in the dunes.

We settled down and I removed my top and T rubbed oil on me slipping his hands in my bikini bottoms and getting me wet. It was really hot and I had to go in the sea so up I got and the couple were playing with each other quite openly and it was the I noticed they were being watched by a man in the dunes. I was still topless and he saw me ducked down and I could see him peeking so I came out and told T.

Got good taste has't he was all he said. We opened the wine and as T was driving and it was chilled I slurped it down which wasn't a good idea as we hadn't eaten so it took effect and I was quite tipsy.

I was hot again and whent for a cool down but by this time the couple were at it with her on top nearly jumping on him and I just stared and could feel how worked up I was.

I told T and all he said was take off my bikini bottoms and lets join them and he pulled me to him as he did undoing the tie and off they came.

Within seconds he was in me and pushing away with little reguard for me but thats how he was.

It was then I noticed the guy in the dunes peeping at us and I didnt say a word just glanced at him and rubbed my nipples just as T came with a gasp saying that was good wasn't it.

He just roled to one side and left me lying naked with the guy staring at me.

I got up to go in the sea and clean up and was putting my bikini bottoms on when T said its a nudist beach silly just flash what you've got no one cares, but I was going to walk the shore line I said and he said so what.

I half stopped then thought what the heck (the wine had taken over)and just walked into the sea.

It was as I walked out and along the shore away from the couple and to a deserted part that I noticed a second guy with tiny shorts onand not a bad body probably early 50s.

I bent over and splashed water on my body and my nipples were hard and looked good with water dripping off them.

Iwas horny as I hadnt been satisfied by T and teased by rubbing my trimmed puss as I walked the noticed how far I had gone.

I dont know why but as T had shown no interest as I waved at him I decided to walk in the dunes.

I was absolutely naked and was feeling so randy with the sun on my naked body that I didnt notice that I had reached the the white van and the guy who had been watching me first was standinby it naked and playing with himself. Not a big cock but very hard,I was about to turn when he saw me and he turned. Again I dont know why but rubbed my breasts up and slid a hand in my puss which was soaking.

He was with me in seconds saying something in greek and then kissed me as he pulled me close and I felt that hard cock on my belly,I didnt strugle just relaxed and he turned me with my back to him andplayed with my breasts lightly pinching my nipple and my head fell back as he nibled my ear

,he slipped his hand down and his fingers were ripling in me with his thumb on my clit.

It was then I saw the other guy drop his shorts and show his hard cock,again I didn't flinsh (must be good wine)and he moved to the front of me and bending slightly at the knees put his cock right up me with the other guy still playing with my breasts and niples. I dont do anal and the guy behind never tried to enter me but with the two of the at me I gushed like never before and as I did the front guy got down and sucked my puss.

I was in extacy and as always somethig happens to spoil it, T was callig my name and as I replied saying Id be there in a minute the guys drew back and were gone into the dunes just as Ts head appeared over the dune.

We whent back yo those dunes 3 times during the holiday but i never found the guys again just the couple bonking and getting an all over tan and I must admit my tan was good ttoo. Maybe next year.