Written by MQ

23 Mar 2005

I was having a fantastic time at a music festival with some friends, the line up was amazing, so many of my favourite bands, including one particular band whos singer, Josh, was the most sexiest man alive. I had admired him for so long from afar but now, seeing him in the flesh onstage I was so turned on, he was sexier than I ever imagined! The way his voice penetrated my body, the basslines pounded through my chest, his swagger so manly and horny I wanted him so much I thought I would cum just from the vibrations from the speakers!

All too soon their performance ended and they left the stage to screams of admiration from the crowds, including me. I was so wet between my legs, I became very self conscious in case anyone could see my dampness. I went for a walk to cool down, passing by the side of the stage to see if I could glimpse my dream idol. No such luck but by some amazing stroke of luck a security guard had become distracted by a fight or something and I managed to slip through the fence. I snuck through the backstage area trying to look nonchalant until I found myself in the area where all the stars were in their luxury caravans. A far cry from the muddy tents the fans were crammed into! I peeked at each door, amazed at the famous names marked on them. Then I saw it - Josh's trailer! My heart pounded as I dared myself to go and try the door. It opened! I sneaked inside, trembling with fear and anticipation, if I got caught I would just have to give myself up, I'm sure they were used to horny fans trying to get to their idols. I peered around. The caravan was empty, the remains of drinks, cigarettes and some suspicious looking substance laid on the table, empty bottles on the floor, nothing remarkable for rock stars!

I heard voices outside and panicked! I opened the closest door and jumped inside to hide. It was the shower closet. I held my breath, convinced the pounding of my heart would be heard and would give me away anyway. I heard the familiar tone of Josh and someone else laughing and talking loudly, excited at how well their performance had gone. I heard the door bang open and they came inside. 'Whew I'm fucked man!' said Josh. 'Me too' said the other man ' I'm off for a shower'. I panicked! There was nowhere to go so I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable uproar.

'Whoa there hello!' I heard. I opened my eyes to find the guitarist, Troy looking at me and grinning in surprise. 'Look here Josh we have a friend to stay!' I blushed and stammered but no sense came from my mouth. Josh looked me up and down, I was wearing a short skirt and their bands tshirt which clung tightly round my tits, my nipples sticking out rudely in his direction. He grinned and reached out to me. 'Come here' he said, beckoning me to where he sat. I sat next to him and he stroked my legs, pushing my skirt up to my crotch. He looked into my eyes, still grinning, then pushed his hand into my panties and stuck a thick finger into my pussy. 'Is this what you want?' he asked. I gasped and nodded, my pussy flooding with juice onto his hand. He knew I was his to do as he pleased and he was going to take me! Troy came over and kissed me, his hands all over my tits, pushing my tshirt up and taking a proper look at them. He pushed his face into my cleavage and tweaked my nipples with his skilled guitarist fingers. I couldnt believe it! Here I was, with two of the most fantastic men I had ever admired, never in my wildest dreams could this really be happening!

Josh grabbed me and turned me round to face him, his eyes twinkling with mischief. 'Dirty little groupie slut wants to fuck a rock star don't you' he leered. I nodded, unable to speak, completely star struck, still in disbelief that it was really happening! I looked down, blushing and came face to face with an impressive bulge in his jeans.

'Get it out then groupie, you know you want to' he said. I needed no more encouragement, I pulled at the button and zip until I freed his hard length which stood to attention waiting for me. He pushed my head down and I gratefully took his cock in my mouth and gave him all I had. He moaned in pleasure. I could hear Troy behind me calling me a dirty little groupie cocksucker and promising that I would be tasting his cock too. He pulled at my pants, tearing them off and playing with them between his fingers. Troy sat beside us and got his own cock out. He sat rubbing it while I sucked like crazy, then Josh told me to suck his bandmate. I complied willingly and as I did that Josh shifted behind me, lifted my skirt and nudged his cock against my ass. I shifted position so he could see my pussy and after pushing a couple of fingers in for a second, he rammed his cock inside me hard. I gasped and moaned and sucked harder on Troy as Josh fucked me from behind. I was being fucked by my gorgeous sexy rock star! Josh pounded at my pussy, the three of us groaning in pleasure until he almost roared as he jerked and pulsed inside me, filling me with his cum. Troy quickly pulled me up to sit astride his cock which I then rode until he climaxed. We all dripped with sweat from the exertion of sex. We flopped onto the seats and Josh lit a large joint which we passed between us. We smoked laughed and chatting until sadly they had to set off ready for their next show then I went off to rejoin my mates who naturally didn't believe a word of it but I knew!