Written by all3somefun

3 Nov 2003

reading chris's story of gt yarmouth reminded me of the very 1st time i watched my wife get fucked. i had told her how exciting i thought it would be but she had always blown hot and cold about it, after a few drinks she found the idea exciting but sober it always no no anyway one weekend we were in gt yarmouth and on the saturday night after a few drinks i broached the subject, she was half up for it but not dressed for fun so i persuaded her to go back to the room and put a skirt stocking and sussies on instead of jeans which she did. i then took her down on the front and we headed north along the prom towards the toilets and i think it was a boating area. i knew from previous visits that gays guys and some couples visited this area before going into the dunes. we walked up and down a few times past lots of guys with me holding up her skirt at the back exposing her undies to anyone who wanted to look. one guy started to follow us so we sat down on a bench and i began playing with her cunt and tits, opening up her blouse and undoing her bra after a few minutes the guy came and sat on the bench the other side of her. i raised her skirt to her waist showing him her black panties and stocking and indicated with my head for him to join in. he didnt need a second invite and within seconds his fingers were inside her panties playing with her cunt. i stopped and let him take over, she began kissing him and groping his cock through his trousers he made her cum and she was getting quite vocal when he suggested moving into the dunes as it was a bit safer. once we got into the dunes it was as if it was a different woman, she knelt in front of the guy and opened his trousers and began sucking his cock while pulling his trousers to his ankles, she then pushed him down on the sand and knelt astride him befor sinking herself onto his cock. she rode him like a woman posessed and made enough noise to wake the dead this brought a number of other guys around us to see what was going on but she didnt even notice them, she eventually came with a loud scream and collapsed on top of him as she recovered she realised there were other guys watching her and became extremely embarrassed grabbing her clothes around her and saying lets go. as we left the dunes the guy followed us to our car, he waited till she had got in and then said to me come over to my car a minute. i got in his car with him and said to me mate she is one hell of a fuck take this and buy her something nice and please take my number for future fun. later when i looked at what he had given me it was 60.00 so without even knowing it she had become a pro, i never did tell her that shed been paid for that first fuck