Written by ju

11 May 2006

Me and my hubby were on our way to first swing experience.

The second man i ever slept with. Ian was his name, and i knew he was waiting outside a hotel for me. Scared feeling sick with excitement my heart pounding legs like jelly. I had chatted with ian a few times on s/h. Then we arranged the meet. What had i done, oh i was so scared. When we got to hotel we had booked, ian was waiting in his car, d my hubby, went over to greet ian, leaving me in the car. Then ian came over to the car, opened the door climbed in said hello and gave me a peck on the cheek. He was tall fit and only 27 Wow. I need not have worried, he was a perfect gentleman, He made me feel at ease straight away.

In the room d left me with ian, my heart was coming out of my chest, i was so nervous. Ian came over to me kissed me gently and lowered me onto the bed, thankfully because my legs were about to give. He kissed me again then worked his way down to my chest, caressing my breasts. I had do something, i was just sitting there i could'nt believe this was happening to me. I was already soaking wet, gasping to see fill have another cock in me. I got hold of ian and kissed him right down to the top of his trousers i slid my hand down his trousers, there it was in my hand, throbbing and thick. I pulled it out and licked it straight away, ian moaned with pleasure as i wrapped my lips around his lovely big cock. He asked did do you want it inside of you, yes please i said. He sat on the bed with his back against the headboard. i slowly straddled him, lowering myself onto his thick cock. Just at the same time as d came in the room. I looked at him not knowing what to think, he just smiled at me, while i moved up and down on ians cock. I smiled back at d, as ian sucked my nipples. I called d over while i changed positions, ian pushed his cock into me from behind, and d came over kissed me then put his throbbing cock into my mouth. So this is a spitroast. I was in heaven. Ian pounding me from behind, and d had his lovely cock in my mouth, shivers raining all through my body, until i cum. This was wonderful. Ian then exploded hot spunk all over my tits. Gentleman both of them there to please me. I looked down at ian with his head buried between my legs licking and sucking my clit, and d was caressng my breasts and kissing my neck, as he whispered in my ear i love you, at the same time as i cum again. I layed on the bed as they both sucked my nipples, magnificent was the word that came to mind, what a birthday present. I called them both around to one side of the bed, it was great having two men do what you tell them, mind you i think they new what was coming. They stood side by side as i took one cock after another into my mouth, sucking hungrily on each one in turn. Hubby then buried his face deep into my wet pussy, while i continued to suck hard on ians cock. I cum again with all this attention, it was great. I had both cocks in my hands again where i sucked and wanked them until they exploded all over my tits.I lay on the bed, rubbing hot spunk into my tits, and aching with pleasure. Now i cant wait for my next birthday. lol and thank you hubby and ian for a great birthday present. Im sure we will be doing it again soon.