Written by Ann & Derek

14 Jul 2005

Wow what a birthday !!It was 8-45AM I had opened all my cards and presents, but nothing from hubby Derek, he smiled at me and handed me my card. Inside it read "be dressed in red and blindfolded by 4-15pm this afternoon".

I looked at him and smiled,he too smiled back with that knowing look on his face.

Later in the day after numerous telephone calls and well wishers it was time for me to get ready, Derek put the phone on mute and set it on answerphone. I was soon showered and perfumed Derek had made our bed, removed the quilt and had my red thong and short neglije laidout on the bed.

At 4-10 Derek lay me down on our bed and produced a large container of rose petals, these he poured out all over me and the bed,the scent was amazing,he then took one of my silk scarves and blindfolded me before kissing me gently and whispering "Happy birthday darling".

I lay back not knowing what was coming next. Shortly I heard Derek talking to someone but I could not make out who it was,I heard Derek say "see you in about an hour then", I then heard the front door close and I felt a presence in our bedroom.

"MMMMMMMMM" Very nice",It was Bill, I heard him stripping his clothes away and then felt his presence on the bed.Immediately his lips found mine and he kissed me open mouthed, gently swirling his tongue around mine,his fingers stroking softly and surely all over my body,my sensitive thighs and breasts were stroked his nails gently stroked across my stomach,this was wonderful and all the time I felt Bill's hard throbbing cock along my leg feeling the odd bit of moisture as he leaked pre-come juice onto me.he stroked licked and kissed my body for a good twenty minutes. By now I was naked my breasts were heaving and my pussie was pulsing.

Bill prised my legs apart and with one swift movement he took my breath away by ramming two or three fingers straight up into me and proceeded to give me one hell of a finger fucking, he rammed in and out of me with my wetness making lewd noises on his thick fingers, his thumb occasionaly catching my clit."Oh I need to come" I called out "come then" he answered and pulled his fingers from me before proceeding to frig me at an amazing speed.

I was grunting and groaning,playing with one of my nipples while his mouth was locked onto the other one. "here it comes" I wailed and I felt the tremors starting in my toes, rushing up to my kneck, flushing my body before it rushed down across my stomach and pulsed out and around my throbbing pussie.Time after time Bill fingered and rubbed my clit, time after time I responded and after six or seven orgasm's I collapsed back onto the bed fighting for breath.

Bill knelt alongside my face and offered his solid cock to my mouth, I duly obliged opening wide to take him deep into my mouth, all the time my blindfold hadn't moved and Bill fucked away at my face and only his satisfied groans let me know I was doing ok.

Bill slid from my mouth and went down below,licking at my wetness before sliding up my body and penetrating me in one hard shove, he lay on top of me and kissed me I tasted my own juices (wonderful). Bill then proceeded to fuck me good, pulling right out and then ramming back in hard and deep,my vaginal muscles gripped at his hard shaft and we took pleasure from each other,Bill fucked at me for ages untill I felt him tense before he fired jet after hot jet of sticky come deep inside me,when he slowed down he lay on top of me as we both recovered our breathing.

"happy Birthday Ann" he said "Thank you for your present" I answered,"see you soon" then he was gone. I just lay there still blindfolded when I heard Derek talking to Bill then the bedroom door opened and Derek was between my legs licking and sucking at our combined fluids before he too knelt between my legs and fucked me hard and fast shortly adding his own fluids to mine and Bill's.

Derek pulled away, then there was suddenly another cock between my legs !!!!! this cock squelched its way into my soaking body and he too proceeded to fuck me like never before. (Who's was this cock) I thought to myself I went to remove my blindfold but Derek shouted "NO".

My unknown lover fucked me long and hard before shooting a couple of squirts into me,then pulling out and spraying copious amounts all over my stomach and breasts.When he finished he offered his cock to my mouth to clean up,even in his half hard state this was one impressive tool,about 7" long but mighty thick.

He then got off the bed and I heard Derek let him out, Derek then returned to our room and took off my blindfold. It took me a while to re-focus but when I did I was covered in spunk, the rose petals were everywhere and Derek just lay there grinning at me, he had half a hard on so I just said "thank you".Tossed him off into the other fluids on my body.

"Who was the other guy" I asked, "Not telling you, if you enjoyed it I may let you have some more Xmas maybe" ???".

"Can't wait" Love Ann xx (and Derek)