Written by Jimmy

15 Aug 2006

I forgot to mention this experience when you fially let your wife go on a date with a guy she met.

You are there watching her getting ready for him. She is more beautiful & sexy than ever before. She puts on that tight red dress and high heels. She combs and brushes her hair letting a curl here & there. She puts on her dangling earrings. Turning one way and then the other admiring herself in the mirror. Then the lipstick. She glances up at you and asks are you still for this? You answer oh hell yes know in you say other a fight will break out later. When you send her on her way she knows you are going to follow just to see her.

Hours later she gets home and somehow doesn't look as fresh as when she left. You know there is dry cum in her tight pussy. You ask her if she had fun and kisses you something she wouldn't do when she left fearing her date might know.

Oh yes it was different. How many times did he fuck you you ask. Three she answers. You can't wait till she showers and tells you all the details as she knows this is what I want.

The real excitment is when she tells you they are going to meet again soon as the love each others company. Will tell you date # 2