Written by Jenny (Midlands)

12 Mar 2004

It was Tuesday evening and i was working late at the office it was about 8pm and i was so tired.

The office was empty and my desk is on the 3rd floor right at the back against the wall facing the whole office.

I was sitting working i had my black skirt on that is quite short (Just covers my Hold Ups)i was feeling really horny and had started to stroke my pussy through my panties.

I have long blonde hair and very long legs i stood up and took off my G string my pussy was so smooth totally bold i dont do hair...

I put my legs on the desk pulling my skirt right up the top i had on was now undone and open and my breasts were totally exposed god i was so so horny.

I just sat back and played with my pussy i was so wet.

I was just getting into it when i felt something touch my pussy i jumped looking what it was there stood my female boss,Just relax she said i have enjoyed watching you tonight and for quite some time now.

My boss is about 35 she is very attractive and i have looked at her before and thought how naughty she looked.

By now she was in front of me licking my really wet pussy i was comming all the time just tiny tremmors were going through my body.

She then stood up and unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor she had black sussys on with a black G string and no Bra.

her body was so toned her breasts were fairly big but so firm and her pussy was totally bold just like mine.

We then moved to the side room next to her office she layed back on the desk and opened her legs wide i moved so my pussy was over her face and i was over her pussy.We licked each other for over an hour,i have never cum so much ever!!

We where all over each other so tender and gentle but so dirty and erotic.The room was so hot and our bodies were sliding over each other.I needed this night to go on forever.Her pussy was so tight i had two fingers inside her and i was licking her breasts she was playing with my bum putting her finger just inside while licking my clit the moans of pleasure just so naughty telling each other not to stop.....

At 1.30 in the morning we were lying on the floor holding each other and we talked about what we had thought about each other before tonight and we had both had Dirty thoughts about each other,we also laughed about the men in the office that always looked and flirted with us (If only they knew what they had missed and that 2 sexy women where interested in each other not them)

We have agreed that it would be nice to find another WOMEN (Sorry Guys)to play with next time and to meet up somewhere a hotel perhaps????Any sexy women out there ?? I will look in the photo add section and mail you with some pictures.

We have since had a bit more fun and i must admit i really enjoy working late..................