Written by first aid

9 Feb 2008

Hi everyone..this happened to me yesterday and its great.

I play rugby for my local town team, and last weekend took a bit of a knock to the head (goes with the territory) anyway my hearing has suffered since, so I decided to get it checeked out just in case. A women i knew had recently becoma and adiologist, but lived miles away, I called her and told her my problem and she said she would get someone local to check it out for me..this was Monday last week and I thought at least its gettting sorted. Well Tuesday Morning i get a call on my mobile from a women telling me she has been given my details and would be in the area Thursday during the afternoon evening and could we arrange an appointment. I told her i was working, but she was welcome to come to my work and we could do the testing there in my office if that was ok..she agreed and said she often saw people at work.

I had a laugh and a joke with her saying that it would raise some eyebrows in the office with the other women if I had a visitor..we arranged a time she said it would take about an hour and that she could get to me about 4.30pm, not a problem so agreed and we left it like that. 4.30pm came and went and no sign of her and I thought for a while she was not coming, I found her number and called her she said she was 20 minutes away stuck in traffic and was it still ok for her to call, I agreed and waited letting the staff out the branch and set about making calls thebusying myself until she arrived..she rang bell 10 minutes later about 5.20 really late and i was a little peeved thinking it was another evening in the office, when i opned the door there stood this really stunning looking women..mid 30\\\'s dark hair struggling with two heavy cases, I grabbed a case of of her and said come in offering her a drink she looked a little sheepish at being late and appoligised, i caught her eye and she looked reaally nice a nice smile great figure..she set her gear up in my office which is at the back of the room and i went to make the brew.. i returned and she seemed much more relaxed and smiled and said what a terrible day she has had..over 80\\\'s most of the day and grumpy old men letching at her as she tested their hearing..i said well at least im not grumpy but would not guarantee not letching..we laughed and she really did hold eye contact with me, she was wearing red jumper, thin showing some cleevage which id copped a glance at a few times..she caught me and I think went a little red, she beagn to test my hearing first placeing the headsets on my head standing legs open in front of me and my knees through her legs as she set them properly onto my ears..she had said put your finger up when you hear the noise again i laughed and she said dont!! with a grin...knowing what i was thining..she smelt great and must admit I was getting a bit of a boner thinking about how nice it would be to have her astride me then and there, I kept missing the tones and she felt it was because my mind was elsewhere..taking the headsets off she said again you must concetrate or we will be here all night...again she straddled my knees as she reset the headsets...but this time leant in really close tome..i could feel her breath on my neck as she adjusted them i turned my head and our mouths were really close, god i want to grab her..but never..she tested my hearing and this time things went well, she told me nothing was wrong just a little swelling...I told her with a grin it was not that little and she laughed loud..you rugby types are all the same..I helped her pack her things and again managed to rub my arm against her breast..she stopped dead and said that was a sly grope..i appoligised and said it was pure accident ( of course it wasnt).she said she thought i\\\'d have been a little braver and asked her if I could tocuh them she hated guys taking things for granted..so i immediately asked..can I touch your breasts..stunned by my quick question she said turn the light off and just keep the table lamp on, ive had a shitty day she said and why not end it on a high...I grabbed her this time kissing her deep and hard..her hands were on my cock str8 away..rubbing along it, she said perhaps i was wrong earlier..not such a small swelling..i had my hands up her top as she rubbed my cock booth trying to free ourselves from the obsticles...i eventually lifted her arms up and removed her top...she had a nice lacey white bra on her nipples were really visable through it and i immediately leant forward and sucked over the little mountains on her bra..she grabbed my head and pulled me into her...she really did smell fresh and her skin was like silk...she undid the zip of her skirt and instead of letting it fall to the floor she hitched it up revealing hold ups and matching thong..fuck i was hard...she undid my zip and her hand went inside my CK\\\'s rubbing my cock, we kissed more and our tongues were flashing across eachtohers//I whispered to her..that i wanted to fuck her, but she said not yet, she wanted to taste my cock..lowering her head and bending forward she took my cock in her hand and guided it towards her mouth. it was that amazingly hot electric feeling when you feel the hot tongue flicking over the head of your cock that sent me into heavan..her mouth covered my cock and she was a deep throater..slowly looking at me rubbing her breasts with one hand as the other wanked my cock into her mouth...fuck i thought i would explode in secounds but managed to hold back as i wanted to savour the moment...I pulled her head away and kissed her...pushing her back onto the desk..easing her thong aside..not removing it as i find that so much more eroci..my fingers went deep inside her and she was dripping wet...I let my tongue follw the fingers and tasted her for the first time...fuck it was nice...really really sweet and i wanted to milk every last drop from her..she gasped for breath and pulled my head into her, I could feel her pussy pressing into my face with some pressure..she pulled my hair harder and I felt her tense as she said dont stop im so close...she let her hot juices flow over my tongue..i loved it....I wanted to fuck her right away but she said ..no let me have a minute to let the after shock of her orgasm she wanted to enjoy it..I took her hand and placed it over my cock and she gently stroked it feeling the pre cum letting her thumb rub it in...after a minute she leant forward again and said right you fucker..I want you to fuck me really hard as I want to cum again...before i guided my cock into her she eased herself further back towards the edge of the desk parting her legs and lifting one leg onto the desk up and wide open...fuck she looked like a really dirty slut in that light and i slid into her feeling how hot she was..i fucked her pulling into me like that for what seemed like ages, both of us watching my cock go in and out of her..she loved seeing it and told me so....right you dirty bitch i said turn around I want to fuck you like a dog...she was eager and knelt on the desk, her arse facing me so inside her again went...and let my hands pull her buttocks into me again nice and deep, im 7 inches and think but she took me with ease in her nice tight pussy...the sight of her ass hole was to much to ignor and i let my thumbs ease towards it..she never stopped me so i pressed a little harder...she said if you are going to fuck me up the arse you better know how..fuck me i was str8 out of her pussy and pressing the tip of my wet cock over her arse hole..she braced herself holding the side of the desk and i let her ease back onto my cock rather then thrust hard into her at first..she let out a cry really load but caried on pressing onto my cock..fuck it was tight and bit sore at first..but then in it went/..deeper and she seemed to relax..moving a little back and foruth..my cock getting into rythem as she made nice noises..oh fuck yes she said..thats so fucking good fuck my ass harder...she was a real cock slut...and i loved it..I wanted to cum and told her i was about to cum..she said not in her ass/ but over her tits and, she loved rubbing it in..i took my cock out and turned her round, she sucked the end briefly..then felt me jerk as i told her i was cumming..she wanked my cock against her nipples and i shot buckets loads over her..she was rubbing her clit and wanking me over her..then she took my cock again into her mouth cleaning off the cum looking at me in the eye sametime..fuck she was good..I told her so..and she said she used to be an escort before becoming an audiologist but sometimes missed the excitement and adventure..she had done this a few times in the last few years with certain guys...I cleaned up and got her some tissue letting her use the ladies loo upstairs...as we left the looo\\\'s i took hold of her again and kisssed her..really nice kiss and tasted myself on her mouth...my cock was getting harder again and she said fucking hell your greedy..i never meant for anything,but she said ok but just a cock suck this time..and in the corridore up stairs she knelt in front of me sucking my cock till i shot my load again down her throat..then she said im late my husband will go mad if im much later and she had an hour drive home yet...I gave her my number and in hope she calls me as she said she does not make a habit of visiting guys more then once..but said rules could be broken..so watch this space...i kissed her and she left..