Written by Gareth

7 Jul 2017

I'm in a bit of a quandary I don't know what to do, I have a BIG problem let me explain.

I've been going out with a beautiful woman Charlotte, for about six months she is divorced, aged 36, with long bonde hair she's a size 12 and a 34D.

She look and acts much younger.

l'm Gareth and 27, we have great sex. l moved in last month. No problem agreed,

She has a daughter Chloe aged 19 she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous,with a body to die for. she also has long blonde hair.

Chloe is a size 10 and bigger tits than her mother.

She has recently come home from Uni for the summer. Again no problem agreed.

I work shifts and when her mother is in the house she dresses normally, but when Chloe and l are alone together, she dresses in either pants that are so skin tight you can see a camel toe, crop tops without a bra., or she likes to wear very short skirts, she has sat opposite me and give me a flash.

She does exercises in front of me, she loves putting her legs back over her shoulders, and l can clearly see the outline of her fanny.

One day after she had taken a shower, she came out with the smallest towel wrapped around her, and as she went up the stairs l could see her arse.

Then l found a pair very skimpy panties on the bathroom floor. Of course l couldn't resist having a good sniff of the crotch, and a wank in the sink.

She is always looking and smiling .. many a mans fantasy..no problem agreed...

The vibe l'm getting from Chloe is, she's up for a fuck, and l want to fuck the hell out of her, l get a raging hard on thinking about her, in fact l only think of Chloe when l'm fucking Charlotte.

Charlotte commented on sex being better lately.

But how can you tell your girlfriend you are thinking about her daughter.

Now here's where the problem lies.

What if it's to test me, the two are so close they act more like sisters than mother and daughter.

I wouldn't like to loose Charlotte, but i'm desperate to fuck Chloe. Ideally l would love to fuck them both together. that would be my ultimate goal .........