Written by KJ

26 Aug 2006

‘For my birthday this year I want to do what we did last year, but better.’ My wife said.

She was laying on top of the bed, naked gently running her index finger over her pussy lips, I had just shot come over her tits- it was our new fetish, Me kneeling over her wanking whilst she fucked her self with a dildo. Ummm I said reflectively thinking back to last October…………

I had it planned; this was going to be a night for my wife to remember. I had stopped on the way home from work and picked up a couple bottles of Piat aDior- our favourite wine, some scented candles and some scented body oil. She was in for a good night- operation orgasm! Once home I ran her a bath , adding essence of Ylang Ylang to the hot water and just a tad of baby oil, making the water oily. Finally I lit several candles and turned the lights off, creating a moody sensual setting. On entering the bathroom ‘This is lovely’ she exclaimed with delight, and immediately slipped out of her jeans and sweater and lowered her self in to the steaming tub. I had prepared well and had some glasses and wine already to sit and talk with her while she lay in the bath. Knowing she can’t handle her drink very well, I ensured that she was putting it away, so that her inhibitions would lower. Kneeling on the floor next to the bath, I Let my hand trail in the water, gentle stroking her silky skin on the top of her thigh. After a while she asked if I would like to shave her pussy- always eager to oblige I took my razor and lathered some soap around her lips, there was hardly any pubic hair to shave- she kept her pussy smooth, but I knew she liked the attention.

Being very careful I shaved any trace of hair from her, using one hand to pull her lips tight- she lay with her eyes closed, so I took the opportunity to slip one finger in between those silken lips, then out again and over the tiny mound of her clit, she moved her legs apart allowing me access, and with out hesitation I started to finger fuck her- the only noise was the gentle lap of the water against her body. After a few minutes the tone of her breathing changed and began to speed up, intermingled between small almost inaudible groans. I stopped and stood up ‘Just a sec, gonna get something’ I said, it fell on death ears, as I stopped she had taken over and was gently rubbing her clit, eyes still shut. I went to our bedroom and pulled out the “Toy box” taking out one of the solid latex dildos I went back in to the bathroom. Once again kneeling beside the bath, I put the toy in the water to first warm it up- she was still rubbing away, after a moment I guided the dildo to her Pussy lips, then added by the oil in the water and in one motion I entered her with it. Her whole body reacted violently first in surprise then in a eagerness to take the 9 inches of the dildo, she began to slide up and down the bath, water splashed over the top on to the carpet, With one hand she started to massage her left breast, the other hand rubbed more urgently on her clitoris. Her breathing had again sped up, and I could start to feel her body tense, and like a flood gate open she came, thrashing slightly as the orgasm ripped through her body.

‘Wow honey’ she said ‘you have never done that before, it was almost like being fucked by some one else!’ ‘The evening is just beginning’ I replied. ‘If you have a mind too dress up sluttish for me and I will pleasure you beyond belief ‘So saying I stood up and left her to her bath.

In the lounge I made some preparation, heating on full to get the temperature up, Candles lit and dotted around the room, and some hardcore porn on the television knowing how excited she gets watching it. We had finished the first bottle of wine, so I uncorked the second, then sat down and enjoyed the film.

20 minutes later she came in she had taken me at my word. She was wearing an almost transparent white silk top that clearly showed the black bra beneath that emphasised her full breasts, a very tight blue velvet mini skirt that didn’t quite cover the lace top of her black stockings, and all finished off with a pair of black heels. She had even gone to the extent of makeup. Hardly sluttish but certainly sexy. My semi hard cock from watching the film started to stir some more.

‘What have you got on here then’ she said taking a large sip from the glass I poured for her, she came over and knelt down on the floor in front of me- ‘Oh skip this part, fast forward it to the bit that she gets fucked by two blokes That really turns me on’ she said.

What a great wife!! I thought as I did as requested. We both quietly watched the on screen action, seeing the woman on the screen being serviced by the two men really excited me, leaning forward I slip both hands in to the collar of her blouse, and then down under her bra, Her nipples are hard from excitement, I squeeze and massage them to make them harder still, after a few moments more she kneels up straight and moves over to the coffee table, then pulling up her tight fitting skirt she exposes her naked arse and pussy,

then she leans forward on her elbows pushing her arse out towards me. Not needing an invitation I slip off the sofa and pull my cock from the confines of my trousers and guide it in to her wet hot silky pussy, beginning to thrust into her slowly, then fast, and then slow.

She grips the side of the coffee table, eyes never leaving the TV screen. We start to gain momentum, I move one hand up and pull open her blouse, then unceremoniously push her bra up exposing her heaving bosom, then I roughly grab and squeeze her breast, with my other hand I wrap it in her hair and pull her neck back and again roughly kiss and almost bite her neck. ‘Harder’ she whispers, I know she wants me to Fuck her harder and treat her harder, but instead I withdraw my glistening cock, after all this is her night, not mine and I wouldn’t be able to sustain it, I am so excited!

‘I don’t think you are behaving’ I said ‘ Tidy this shit up and come to the bedroom’ reverting to role play she immediately and silent smoothes her clothes down and begins to pick up the glasses and turn the TV off. I go ahead in to our room, moments later she comes in behind me. I have stripped naked and as she walks in I push her up against the wall and begin to kiss her passionately, the feel of being naked and pressed up against her when she is dressed like this is awesome.

As we are Kissing, using both hands I grip her wrists then slowly move them up and over head, where the shackles are hanging, still kissing I blindly position each of her wrists in the shackles, when she is secure I step back, she kicks off her heels, and this makes her stretch I then turn her around so that she is facing the wall, removing from “our toy box “a small leather paddle. With the thin handle I run it up under her skirt and across her lips taking care that it goes between both lips. I then pull her skirt up to her waist and begin to spank first one cheek then the other. We have not exchanged any words, until she again says ‘ harder’ I oblige, her cheeks are beginning to glow red so I pause, taking some lubricant from the box I squirt it aver her arse then I rub it in and all around her pussy lips, taking the time to slide my fingers deep into her. I then pull out another Dildo; this is a big one 12 inches and at least 5 inches around. Knowing what I am doing she shuffles her legs apart, opening her self to me, with gentleness I start to insert the beast, with every inch she rocks forward on to tip toes, I begin to slide it in and out, She starts to moan and whimper, not from pain or humiliation but from pleasure and sensation. With one hand I use the Dildo to fuck her, the other goes to her hair and pull her head back roughly. She can only take so much and all too soon for me she says ‘Stop’. I do. I release her from the shackles she is wobbling, a combination of alcohol and all the action, I pull her clothes off leaving her stockings on, she lies down on the bed, lying next to her I gently run my finger tip over her naked body, Looking over at me she says ‘Fist fuck me’.

More lube from the tube, also I take out some Chinese love beads. I start to run my fingers over her pussy, she opens her legs for me, the lubricant that I pour on looks like come running down her lips- this excites me even more, I run some of the lube down to her arse, and very gently I slip one of the beads in to her, she gasps as she feels what I am doing but at the same time I have three fingers in her , sliding in and out, another beads is pushed in, and another finger, her breathing is coming fast, I have pre cum dribbling from the end of my cock, with out me even touching it, another bead, and I move my thumb so that I can slide that in to her. She is roughly squeezing both her gorgeous tits, herself when she feels my hand go in, she reaches down and holds my wrist then she guides me back and forth, gyrating her hips at the same time. Another bead goes in. Come starts to dribble from my Cock unaided, as her breathing sharpens and she really starts to moan, she speeds my hand up I am completely in her control, within seconds I feel her body start to tense, I start to pull the love beads out of her arse- The orgasm hits her, as each bead comes out she bucks harder, my hand slips out of her, I pull all the beads out quickly, I can almost see the pleasure wash through her. I am kneeling between my wife’s open legs my cock is rock hard and pulsing as come dribbles down its shaft. With in seconds She opens her eyes and pulls me down on top of her my hard cock slips in to her unaided, I start to pump into her, she wraps her legs around my back forcing every bit of me into her, I feel my self start to come again in her. Finally we lay together totally exhausted but finally sated.

Ah memories of Birthdays gone past. How could I do better than that? I had to think about it.

The year passed by

and I hadn’t come up with a plan to spice up her birthday. The day was fast approaching, despite chucking up various scenarios she would laugh and say ‘Surprise me’! What to do, I would ponder.

A few days before her birthday, I got a call from an old friend. He was going to be in the area and wanted to come over and visit. It had been such a long time, since we had seen him, erotic ideas were pushed away from both of us.

When he arrived we were amazed. The former 19 stone man and slimmed down. Half the man he was before. We spent the day catching up. We had all become close during his marriage breakdown a few years previous, my wife had always had a huge soft spot for him, treating him more like a close relative, than a friend of her husbands.

The day passed all too quickly, our plans for the evening had been to go out for quite drink in the local pub to celebrate her birthday. We extended an invite to my friend agreeing that he would stay over instead of driving back to the city.

We had drunk several bottles of wine throughout the day so we all felt the effect of alcohol. Going out, my erotic thoughts all put firmly at the back of my head, I barely registered what she was wearing, other than she was looking extremely sexy for a local hick pub! Turns out that the local band is playing and the pub is absolutely heaving. All three of us squeeze in to the crowd finding a space where we can stand. As the night goes on we drink steadily, the band is half decent, and my wife is really getting in the mood, squirming her way up to the dance floor and gyrating her hips to the beat of the rock music. My friend makes a comment that I am a lucky son of a bitch to have such a woman as she. I agree.

All too soon the musicians pack up and the lights come back on fully, and the bar man is asking for us to drink up.

Walking down the lane from the pub she positions herself in between both my friend and I. Arm in arm we stroll, almost stumble home.

In the house we are all still on a high from the night, so we decide to play some poker. Ordinarily I am shit at cards, and don’t enjoy it very much at all, but when totally drunk I would bet anything! So we all start to play penny poker. Making stupid bets, more booze than sense talking in all three of us. Sitting next to her I notice for the first time this evening that she is wearing stockings! Deciding to up the ante slightly I suggest we start to play for clothes rather than money- strip poker- they both agree why not !

Half hour later. . . She is sat in stockings, briefs and bra, my friend and I are both still in trousers. Another round and we see her loose! Off with the bra we both yell- with out hesitation she slips the strap from her shoulders and un, exposing her fantastic 36C tits. I am so surprised, her inhibitions are gone and she is displaying signs of exhibitionism! Fantastic!!

Another round sees both my friends and I down to our underwear. Out of the blue she suggests that we put some porn on! Always willing I go and cue it up, they both follow and we all sit on the same sofa together, with her sitting between my friend and I. She has put my shirt on, to cover her naked breasts but is still in stockings. The action on the screen starts as hard as it can be, my friend, slurring comments that none of the women on the screen come even close to the woman he is sat next too. The air feels charged with electricity. I don’t know what is going to happen. After a moment of silence she slides off of the sofa and stands up with her back to us then she lets my shirt fall from her shoulders, then, balancing on one leg she pull her panties downs and kicks them in to the corner of the room. I am gob smacked. She leans forward and puts her hands on the coffee table, spreading her legs slightly exposing her shaved pussy and arse. ‘If you think they are hot you should feel me’ she says over her shoulder. My friend looks over at me, with a hardly noticeable nod I move my head, and my cock has started to stir in my boxer shorts. Sliding off the sofa he kneels behind her, starting gently he runs his fingers over her legs and arse cheeks, but unable to stop himself he is drawn to her pussy slipping his index finger into her he begins to finger fuck her. She rocks back enticing his finger deeper in to her hot wet cunt, his other hand snakes around to her tits and starts to massage first her nipple then her whole tit. ‘You have a great body’ he says. ‘Fantastic tits’ sat on the sofa I am forgotten about. My wife has her head thrown back and is enjoying the attention, ‘I want to feel your cock in me’ She says, He slips his finger out of her and she manoeuvres her self around, I throw her a cushion she puts it on the coffee table, then lies back on it, her feet are on the floor, her stocking clad thighs open and inviting. He pulls his erect cock from his boxer shorts, pre cum already glistening his helmet, he kneels fully up and shuffles forward in between her legs, slowly he feeds his cock into her, as he she squirms with pleasure trying to push against him and take every last centimetre. He starts to thrust into her with urgency, his hands are resting on the top of her legs, and with both his thumbs he rubs her clitoris. I start to stoke my cock, this is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, my wife of twelve years, laying on the coffee table naked except for stockings being fucked good and hard by my friend.

The pair of them are getting in to their stride, when she looks over at me, ‘Come over my tits’ she instructs me. I stand up and walk over to her I start to really wank- I don’t think she is going to be to long- or my friend for that matter, his thrusting has become more urgent. She looks at me and smiles, then reaches out and grasps my balls. My friend slips his cock from her cunt and rests it on her lips as hot spunk shoots across her lower belly, for me a fantasy has come to pass and I come shooting my own spunk across her tits. She has taken over furiously rubbing her clitoris, and as the last dribble of come splashes from cock she starts to orgasm like never before.

An hour later we are in bed alone cuddling, ‘You know what?’ she said, ‘That was as good as last year, plenty spicy. Now I wonder what we could do next year ??!!!’

Laughing I held her closer and started to kiss her throat, my cock was starting to stir again !


Authors note: 50% of this is true. would like some feedback.