Written by BelindaF

10 Feb 2006

Sitting at the bar I watched her

The room was full and loud

She made the hairs on my neck stand up

And she stood out in the crowd.

She crossed her long black stockinged legs

As she sipped a glass of wine

Her short black dress revealed a glimpse of thigh

As I dreamed of her body spread eagled beneath mine.

She gave me the sweetest smile and nod

With smouldering eyes she tossed her raven hair

And wetness glistened on her beautiful lips

It could happen between us if I dare

Desperately wanting to enjoy her body

In anticipation I breathed heavily with desire

With her long lashes now cast down

Wild thoughts of naked sex play grew higher

I moved towards her and took her hand

She followed me through the door

Together we climbed a flight of stairs

And her dress soon slithered to the floor

Biting her lip her blue eyes closed

She was really getting turned on

As I lapped at her shaven pussy

All hesitancy had gone

Briefly watching our display in the mirror

Closing her soft thighs round my face as I burrowed inside

As the fire of her orgasm distantly began

Her screams died away and her legs opened wide

Suddenly and swiftly, with an almost automatic response

Faster and faster her fingers moved inside her lips

Her right hand moved with an increased rhythm

Multiple orgasms continued as she flicked her swollen clit

Flushed and breathing heavily

My tongue darted from side to side

Her hips squirmed with uncontrolled pleasure and lust

And excitement that she could not hide

Our bodies shook and moved together in a frenzy

A beautiful surge rippled through me like a fire

Moving with rapid and increased movement

I groaned deeply as I was swamped with desire

I rolled over and crouched on all fours

Squealing she rubbed her wet clit on my bum

Her long painted nails tugged on my hard erect nipples

And in no time at all I had come

Kissing her lovely neck I trembled

As her fingertips played in my pubic hair

Our bodies were so close, wild and excited

Such a sensual moment to share

Writhing and sighing, my eyes blurred

As our soft girlie bodies entwined

It was such a beautiful amd memorable experience

Her touch will be imprinted in my mind

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