Written by Ron

8 Dec 2006

Norma and i had a lovely night in at my place,chatting

and drinking wine,we had agreed she should stop

over and she'd brought an overnight bag with a

few things in.I have a well decorated spare room

well suitable for a lady like Norma but i hoped

i could persuade her not to use it.

How shy she was at first,slowly climbing into my

bed in her long cotton nightdress,i told her to

leave the bedside lamp on as i cuddled her from

behind and she closed her eyes and said how nice

it was to be held in a mans arms.

I hadn't realised just how big Norma's breasts actually

where before that night,i learned they where an

F cup,she had kept them quite well concealed alright,

typical of her to be so modest.

I began to kiss her neck as i massaged the nearest

of her pendulous breasts.I felt Norma's hand tentatively

reach for my aching manhood and as she found it

she took in a sharp gasp of air "Oh my goodness Ronald,

it feels so huge" she said.I asked Norma if she would

like to see how much she excited me.