Written by Jenna

2 Jun 2005

You know what it is like when you work with someone for a few years but never see them in any other light except professional? Especially when they are younger than you and are happily married?

I came back from holiday a few weeks ago tanned and not too happy to be back at work apart from a newly positioned colleague whose desk was now opposite mine. Pete is younger fairly nice looking and very dedicated to his work.

After we exchanged pleansantries about my holiday and usual office banter out of the blue he complimented me on my tan and said I looked great. Not being used to compliments I thanked him and just thought he was being polite and carried on with my work. Each day the conversations would increase. Talk about my holiday, his new home, my boss, his boss, my workload, his workload my voice!!!!!!!! my eyes!!!!!!!!! my great legs!!!!!! and my tits!!!!!!!!!!!! I was totally shocked. I had no idea he looked at me this way. I'd never thought of him in this way before but this attention was making me reconsider. Each day when I would walk past his desk to the photocopier I would catch him looking at my legs. My skirts are just above the knee always black and I wear either stockings, hold ups or tights depending on what's available. I always wear black leather court shoes with a 4 inch heel.

Pete is a leg man and would ask me to print something just to get a look at my legs. I must confess there were times when I was deliberately careless and was rather prone to dropping things on the floor and bending over to pick them up each time ensuring that Pete got an eyeful. Last week he asked me to print something and as I walked past him he was proudly displaying a rather large bulge protruding from his trousers and had a wicked gleam in his eye. I was shocked got the giggles and moved back to my desk asking him if he was deadly serious. He mouthed I WANT TO FUCK YOU SO BAD I had to ask him to repeat it .....sure enough this young guy wanted to fuck me. I lost concentration at that point.

'Meet me in the training room on the ground floor there are no windows no one will see' he whispered. Luckily my boss was in a meeting that day and I was curious to hear what Pete had to say that needed my urgent attention in the training room downstairs. We arranged to meet in 15 mins and I an idea what might happen. Secretly I think I expected a snog or a grope of sorts but the anticipation on my way down to the training room with a pad and pencil was almost too much to bear. If I had read the messages wrong I was going to make a complete pratt of myself. On the other hand that bulge just had to mean something..........

I arrived just before him and just as I had placed my pad and pencil down on the desk he was in the room closing the door behind me and kissing my neck. I was so nervous and convinced that someone would spot us but he just placed one hand over my mouth and the other on my thigh pulling my skirt up as he pushed his hard cock against my back. So damn horny it was obvious what he had in mind.

My clit was buzzing and I could feel myself getting wet as he then turned me around to face him and his lips were on mine. His tongue made it quite obvious what he wanted to do to me and I was powerless to stop him working his way down to my crotch where he started to lick my pussy and suck my clit. The fear of the door opening at any time made my heart race and his eager tongue working its way deep into my wet pussy was driving me to a point of no return. I tried to reach down to his cock but it was useless he was totally in charge. He wanted to take me there and then and before I knew it I was on the table with my legs around his neck. I am a noisy person and found the banging of his cock into me so exhilirating it was hard for me to stay silent. I wanted to moan loudly with each thrust especially as he banged my clit with each ram of his cock. Harder and deeper with each thrust it was very intense. He looked into my eyes and said Jeez I have fucking wanted this for so long, I have been wanking over you for ages. My pussy tightened as he said this .......me? older woman? he then fingered my arse..........God I was ecstatic getting banged and fingered and at WORK. My heels were crossed over behind his neck and I pulled his butt closer towards me as I bucked into a climax which was intense and very very wet. Within moments he pulled himself out of me and wanked himself over my pussy and I watched his face as he shot his load onto my Brazilian trimmed pussy.

We kissed and re-arranged our clothing and made our way back to our desks taking separate routes of course and all day long I was flushed and horny and could not stop staring at him across my desk. Watching him on the phone our eyes meeting and that look being exchanged between us that said it all.

Things are now back to normal. We still work opposite each other we still exchange pleasantries no one has a clue what happened and I know he is applying self restraint and thinks it was a one off and he thinks he has it totally under control and that it will "never happen again".

I also know I am driving him made with my heels my visits to the photocopier and those clumsy accidents that make me drop so much paper. Judging by the bulge in his trousers I think he is losing the fight. Watch this space.