Written by v

25 Aug 2004

driving along the other day i saw a young man thumbing a lift so i pulled over he looked a decent sort told him to get in and off we went, he was good looking dark short hair

slim i was getting very hard looking at him i saw him looking at my bulge and asked him if he wanted to stop a while he said ok it was a quiet lane no one about. as i turned to him he was taking his cock out wow ! it was the thickest i had seen a thick red nob was staring up at me

the foreskin was rolling back as it got bigger i put my hand round it but coudn't get all the way iwas wanking him hard he got my cock out and bent over and took it in his mouth his mouth felt hot as he licked my nob his cock was oozing pre-cum as i wanked him i was close to cumming my cock was really throbbing i pushed his head down on me and filled his mouth with my cum jet after jet he swallow the lot his cock was twitching now so i wanked faster and faster he came so fast it shot into the air and landed on my arm we finished our journey. keep looking out now you never know whats round the corner.