Written by Josh

20 Jul 2004

Recently, John from next door and his gf, Angela, were round my house and we were chatting away. She was looking so sexy. She suddenly said, "do you mind if I give John a blow job?" (she always has been up front!).

"Go ahead", I said.

I hadn't guessed she was going to do it in front of me! she lay John along the sofa and started to rub his crotch. Then she unzipped his trousers and he sprang into action. She started sucking him like an expert - I was getting hard just watching. I needed to get some action as well. I want over to the sofa and said "I think we'd better get your trainers off my sofa", then kissed each foot as I took John's trainers off him. I could tell by their moans that they both seemed to really love this. Angela gave me a wink and lifted her arse off the floor so she was on all fours. I went round the back of her and smiled at John. He smiled back - obviosly happy about the excellent BJ. I lifted Angela's skirt up and she was so wet. I did't waste time in taking my trousers down and getting my dick inside her. It felt so great to be shagging Angela and watching here suck John's dick. I held on to her tit's and shagged her for all it was worth. She was moaning so much and he looked so happy.

I came first, which wasn't so bad as John beckoned me over. We kissed deeply, then he smiled, took my hand and put it on his dick. I took the hint and joined Angela sucking John's dick. It was my first go at this, but it felt so good. Angela and my mouths were wrapped round John's dick, swapping dick and tongues between our mouths. When John came, he exploded. Angela and me spent ages licking each other's faces, sharing John's juice.

We then sat Angela on the sofa and started to lick her pussy. It was hard work when both of us were trying to get her at the same time, but great fun!

After a while, he left me to it. I didn't see where he went at first, but after a bit I felt him fingering my arse. I had never been shagged by a man before, but I was enjoying the whole experience so much, I let him continue. I had Angela's legs over my shoulders, and I was licking her out, and I was loving it. Then I felt a great pressure on my arsehole as John entered me. I let out a large groan and Angela laughed. He seemed to go into me forever, I thought it would come out of my mouth! I couldn't service Angela for a bit until I got used to it. I just lay my head inbetween her legs until I got used to John pounding my arse. When I recovered a bit, I started to lick her clit and tongue fuck her again. She was loving it. Her hips were moving at the same speed as Johns. Man! I love being a slut. After some time of this, they both came together, screaming together. It was so sexy. She cupped my head in her hands, leant down and kissed me deeply.

After we all kissed some more, they went home. He left his trainers behind, so I'm sure they will be back to "pick them up" at some stage. And I'll be ready!