Written by Colin

12 Jan 2007

We were in our fifties and on holiday and coming to the end of our marriage - we are divorced now - it was so obvious that a waiter was paying attention to her as I wasnt and I said he fancies you encourage him you might get a shag and I left and she came to our room and said he took me outside and got his cock out and expected me to suck it so I left. I had never had the urge to let another man fuck her but it excited me and when I met three English lads at our hotel who were going home the next day and hadnt pulled I asked them if they fancied fucking my wife as I was unable to do it - I wasnt but we hadnt had sex for months - and they were delighted so I didnt tell her but we were at the bar late and I pointed the lads out and said they havent had a shag and would be very grateful if you helped them out on their holiday and she said without you so I said no I will be there and she brightened up and said OK so I sent her to our room and spoke to the boys and said dont go too far I will be nearby and took them to our room and took the brandy onto the balcony and watched through the curtain and she was in a tight top with no bra and took it off and they were all over her feeling at her tits and sucking her nipples and she looked at me smiling and pulled her shorts down and had a g-string on and they all took their shorts off and had erections and it was a blur as one after the other fucked her and put their shorts on and left. I went in with a big hard on and sat between her legs and said how was it and she said rubbish so I said three youth fucked you and she said they didnt know how to do it it was in and out thank you maam so I touched her clitoris and she moaned so I licked it and shoved a finger up her and she had a big orgasm instantly so I took her to bed and gave her the best fucking I had given her for years.