Written by S&D

27 Jun 2006

My wife Di has alwaysed loved flashing to other men and I have always fantasised about seeing her with another man. I never thought that this would happed as it had always just been pillow talk and got no further. However on a holiday to spain, last year all that changed. Di is in her mid 30's, petit but with lovely 36e boobs and I've always though she was the sexyest thing on two legs.

We'ed been there for a couple of days and I'd already had the guilty plesure of watching men ogle her as she went topless on the beach and I'd told her how many hard on's she'd caused. We teased each other as we got ready to go out and I dared her to cause as many dicks to stiffen as she had on the beach. She never says no to taking on a dare and I could tell she meant buisness, with what she put on. Very short mini skirt, hold up's, and a black sheer see through top with no bra under it. When I teased her about this she just said " well they all seen them on the beach, havent they?"

We hit the bars and Di was getting a lot of attention, mainly from groups of horny, young men. She was loving the attention and playing up to them . We moved on to a club and pretty soon Di was dancing with two young guys as I watched from the bar. It was obvious that they wher grinding their crotched into her and feeling up her arse and tits. During a break to take a drink I asked her if she was enjoying herself "yes but I'm so horny" she said. " Do you want to fuck those lads" I asked "I wouldn't mind as long as I get to watch and join in" I said. Di smiled at me kissed me and went off to get her two new friends.

Back at our apartment I poured some drinks and put on some slow music The lads, Sean and Dave seemed a little unsure about me being there so I started things off by dancing with Di and unzipping her mini skirt. I let it fall and as she was only wearing hold ups and a thong, the lads wear treated to a good look at her arse. This seemed to give them the idea and Sean was soon rubbing his hand over Di's fit ass as Dave started stripping off his clothes. Sean pulled my wifes thong off and started exploring her pussy with his fingers as I lifted her top off and started kissing her tits. I was quickly joined by Dave and Di was in heaven as three mouths and six hand sucked and groped her. She was begging to be fucked and Dave was the first to oblige. I sat on the sofa slowly wanking as Dave lay my wife on the floor and slid his cock up her wet fanny. Sean was rubbing his cock against her moust and she greedly started to suck his dick. Dave fucked her fast and very hard and it was only a couple of mins before he was shooting his spunk into my wifes cunt. Sean seemed happy to carry on having Di suck him off so I replaced Dave between her legs. Her cunt was slippy and hot with another mans spunk in it and as I fucked her I was watchimg Sean stiff cock sliding in and out of her mouth. It wasn't locg before Sean was cumming in Di's mouth, she swollowed most of this strangers spunk but a little did drip from her lips and ran down her chin. That was enough for me and I pulled my dick from her soaking fanny and wanked myself of over her face. I came into her open mouth and over her cheeks and chin. He was loving the sensation of two different mens spunk on her tounge at same time.

We said our goodbyes to the lads and arranged to meet them the next night and then I took Di to bed and slipped my cock into her again She was full of spunk from two strangers and as I fucked her I asked if sh'ed enjoyed it. She said that she couldn't wait for a repeat and since that night I have had the plesure of seeing twelve diffrent cocks slid into my Di. Viva Espania!