Written by john

19 Aug 2004

garys hand started moving back and for and i could tell his finger or maybe even two were now delving deeper inside my wifes pussy. she still had her g string on,the tiny piece of fabric which had started this whole episode.

i was still stood there unsure of what i was feeling,but i could hear the familiar squelching noise as i watched my wife getting finger fucked before my eyes.

gary you shouldnt be doing this she said very softly,sould he?she said as she looked over to me,i said nothing,and i think from that alison took that as i didnt mind and immediatly kissed gary very hard and very intensely. all the time garys fingers were working their magic on my wifes pussy and in a piston like movement went in and out very very fast as the squelching got loader and loader,until still stood in the same spot i watched my wife cum on garys fingers.

she bite her lip and held onto his shoulders as he still finger fucked her through it until her pussy became to sensitive for his fingers.

once she had finished coming,. gary told her to lie down on our bed and slipped her g string over her thighs and threw it to me. i caught it and could see and feel how wet it was.

my wife looked up at me from our bed and motioned to me was i ok with this i smiled and then she moaned out load as gary started licking her pussy,oh god yes she said thats it thats nice,while she said this she waved her hand to ask me to move over to them.

i slowly walked across half of me really weary of the whole thing the half of me really turned on.

alison began to rub my cock through my shorts and within seconds i was hard. very hard! she released me from my shorts and took me first by hand and then in her mouth as gary brought her off with his tounge.

just as i was not far from cumming i watched gary getting out of his shorts and begin rubbing his large prick up and down the entrance to my wifes pussy.

this is what alison really wants he said, this is the thing shes been dying to have all week isnt it he said to her.

mmmmm she mumbled still with my cock in her mouth,tell me gary said again,this is what youve wanted all week isnt it alison? my wife pulled my cock from her lips and shouted YES, you know it is so just fuck me with it u bastard.

gary let his full weight fall on to his cock as he rammed it deep inside my wife ,she immediatly stopped sucking me and cryed out loadly with pleasure,as i tryed frantically to push my cock back into her mouth she pushed it away as she caught her breath with each powerful thrust gary gave her.

i stood back and took my cock in my hand and began wanking over her.

within a few moments gary shouted out that he was coming and alison said the same i saw gary fill my wife with his cum right before my eyes and i too shot a large wad of cum over my wifes face as this happened.

afterwards was a little awkward for a time but we talked about it and decided that we both enjoyed certain aspects of it and would like to try a little dogging.