Written by Mike

7 Sep 2006

Well it all seemed to be a routine family holiday in the Greek islands until we, well I met, our neighbours in the next apartment. We often chatted by the pool and one day, while the girls and our young son were chatting Craig and I were at the bar setting the world to rights! We got on to the weather and I said ‘we’re not having much luck this year as bad weather is dogging us the whole time’ – an unintentional double entendre but Craig quickly said ‘well we’ll have to keep a close watch on it then’ and laughed. It was very subtle but I wondered if he were hinting at anything but no time to think about it as the others joined us and we all had a drink together. Now our apartments were on the second floor at the side of the building overlooking the pool and not overlooked either. We often used to chat in the morning across the balconies and more often than not Louise would only be wearing a bikini bottom showing off her small pert tits. This morning was different however as I went on the balcony to drink my tea with my wife and son still dozing in the room Craig was there, sat in his chair, stark naked. I was about to call over and say good morning but he put his finger to his lips and mouthed ‘are you alone?’ – I nodded. I then realised that Louise was in the other chair with her back to me, she reached over and started to stroke his cock knowing I was watching every move. She shifted her chair slightly and I saw she was also naked and her nipples were moist and hard – Craig had obviously just finished sucking on them. She turned in her chair, looked at me, licked her lips (I noticed for the first time she had a pierced tongue) and the bent forward and took his cock in her mouth. By this stage I had my hand under my towel playing with myself slowly at the very sexy scene unfolding in front of me. Unfortunately I then heard movement from our room so I called over ‘Morning!’ they took the hint and went straight inside – our son came onto the balcony and that was that!

Craig and Louise reappeared a few minutes later looked hot and flushed – ‘are you alright’ I said with a smile on my face. ‘Fine’ they replied ‘but we couldn’t have the aircon on ovenight because it blows straight onto the bed and makes us too cold’. ‘Do you want a hand moving the bed?’ I asked – not believing my luck. ‘Yes please’ they replied so I nipped into our room, slipped into some swimshorts, explained where I was going to the family and almost ran next door. I knocked, Craig opened the door and I walked in to see Louise on all fours on the bed, naked and fingering herself – ‘which end do you want’ she asked grinning ‘I don’t mind’ as I made a beeline to stand in front of her – I wanted that pierced tongue licking my cock and balls! I slipped my shorts off and Louise greedily took my already hardening cock in her mouth. Craig knelt behind her and entered her from behind which pushed her forward onto my cock – delicious. We continued like this for a few minutes as I received one of the best blowjobs I have ever experienced with the metal stud flicking my helmet almost making me cum with every flick. ‘I want you both inside me’ said Louise ‘who wants my arse?’. Craig and I looked at each other and then got Louise to compare our cocks and decide herself – I was the lucky one. Craig lay down and Louise mounted him while I slipped a condom on and lubed myself. I positioned myself behind Louise and ever so gently pressed up to her rosebud. The gentle pressure soon worked and I began to ease into her getting deeper with every slight thrust. Within a few minutes we were both fucking her as hard as we could and I couldn’t last any longer and I emptied my load into her arse. As I softened I slipped myself out, took the condom off and watched Craig still banging away. Louise took the condom from me and squeezed the contents over her tits rubbing it in. She beckoned me closer and I knelt on the bed so she could suck me again; she cupped my balls and then, after moistening her finger she probed my arse gently – god it was so sexy. The motion made me hard and it wasn’t long before I came again and then watched Craig cum inside her.

The bed never got moved but I did manage to watch them play on the balcony a couple more times. I now have a few business trips to their part of the country and look forward to having some more fun – indoor or out!