Written by R

4 Feb 2006

I arrived home as expected around 6pm, I walked into the Kitchen & shouted my hello's. There was no answer which was a little strange because knew S was home because of signs such as the washer was going, there was also something cooking in the oven.

I then noticed the hand written note. It read, Madame Sex ready & waiting upstairs.

Something else was also cooking, but this was my wife.

I knew she must be horny as she had referred to herself as Madame Sex. This was our little sex name that she uses when she turns from the innocent little housewife into the sex craved cum slut.

I quietly made my way upstairs & peered into the bedroom. The scene was pure sex. The lights where provided by two small candles burning at the head of the bed. The air was filled with perfume & S was laying flat out on the bed, her breasts barely covered by a silk gown. This did little to hide her ample charms & each breast was topped with a perfect erect brown nipple. Her legs where raised & she was naked from the waist down. Her smooth pussy lips where being gently forced open by her sex toy. She guided the 8 inch buzzing phallic monster expertly as it probed deeper into her love hole. S's eyes where closed in deep concentration, she had a look of pleasure across her face & her body arched rhythmically to the whirling & buzzing of her love toy.

I crept to the bed side & unzipped my hard cock from my trousers, it sprang out, clearly sexually excited as pre cum oused from its tip. It also felt so hard that it was going to burst. My slutty wife does know how to make a cock hard.

S opened her eyes to be greeted with my cock head being offered to her mouth, she never spoke, she just opened her mouth a expertly sucked on my bell end. She did not ride my shaft with her mouth she just sucked on it as if it where a lollipop.

Her breathing soon began to intensify & she shouted that she had found the spot, the love toys ears where working vigorously on her clit a she came with an almighty shudder. She released the toy & it squirted out of her pussy & lay on the bed buzzing & rotating away. S took my cock from her mouth & told me to wank myself. I tugged roughly at my cock & aimed my load onto her breasts. The spunk splashed down onto them & both breasts & nipples had a splattering of spunk across them.

Lick it clean now darling she insisted & I obeyed instantly licking large dollops of spunk from my wife's breasts & stomach. As I had gathered most of the spunk like a cat liking cream I then french kissed S full on the lips depositing my spunk into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed down what I passed across to her.

She now really did look like the cat who had got the cream!