Written by Videoman

6 Oct 2004

Talking to a friend of mine one day, 54 and a larger lady, she mentioned how much she and her husband wanted a video of themselves making love. I was a little surprised at first as I would never have imagined her to be the exhibitionist type at all.

Playing along with her I said she only had to let me know and I'd volunteer to be cameraman. She smiled and said she would talk to her husband. I never expected her to come back to me on it but a few days later she rang me asking if I'd go round the following night to video them.

In for a penny and all that I said I would but was bound to get a bit turned on filming and said I would only if she and I could make love after. Instantly she agreed, I couldn't believe it!

I went round and in no time we were upstairs and they were undressing and kissing, As I said she is a large lady and her breasts were enormous. I'd often dreamt of seeing them but never imagined they would be so fantastic. After they had made love her husband left and went downstairs, it was my turn.

She walked over to me and kissed me deeply pulled away and pulled off my teeshirt. Gently she kissed me neck, chest and stomach then slowly took off my jeans and boxers freeing my cock which following the show and this was already fit to burst. Wasting no time she took it in her mouth and slowly sucked away. Slowly, softly at first before increasing in intensity. After a few minutes I came in her mouth and she lapped up every drop.

We lay on the bed kissing, caressing as she slowly stroked life back into my cock which soon responded to the touch. I lay her down, parted her legs and entered her. Every thrust was returned as we went at it like savages. Several positions later she was finally sitting astride me bouncing and thrusting her hips as I exploded inside her. We fell together and kissed for a while.

We've met up many times since and even had a threesome with a friend of hers from work one lunchtime.

Big girls really are better!