Written by Liam.

20 Aug 2006

We live and work in Mallorca so the chances of a little swinging are few and far between.

So last week on holiday in Franfurt we decided to play a little, during the day we had found a litle sex shop that has a couples cinema room as well as several other viewing rooms.

After an early evening meal with friends we said our goodbyes and left for another bar, well that´s what we told them. You know how it is when you play or swing you kinda lead two lives.

So we quickly found ourselves at the sex shop, purcahsed tickets for the couples only cinema where they wrote the keypad number down for us on the back of the tickets. On entering the small room as we thought it turned out to be a warren of small screen rooms and bigger rooms. On our way to the couples cinema room we passed the usual kind of sights you pass in such a place. Guys wanking off to the movies, guys sucking, and fucking each other.

We found the couples room and keyed in our number on entering we were surprised to find it was a lovely room, with a spotless bathroom a big leather bed beneath an even bigger screen. With leather sofas spread around and another smaller screen. At this point Lorna decided to pop into the toilet and change into some clothes we had brought with us safely packed away in our mini rucksack. Lorna is 5ft 4. slim with nice one hander small tits pierced, and a tight little arse, her head is completely shaven and she wears doc marten boots yeah remember them. so she is a very cool looking lady.Whe she came out dressed in her tartan mini with fishnet stockings and suspender belt and flimsy top we were raring to go. Just as we were about to get into it. The door opened and a couple stepped in, she was tall slim and blonde, he was sturdy and well built. Without a word to us they stripped off completely naked and got right down to fucking on the big leather bed. So we just watched for a short time the woman kept looking over at us and smiling we thought we were in for a bit a girly play. Alas no, Hans the stud suddenly arched his back shot his load, got up and began to get dressed. She stood up and wiped his dripping spunk from her cunt and proceeded to get dressed. Then they promptly left with the woman giving us both a shrug of the shoulders and a longing look. After sitting 10 minutes more by ourselves we decided to go out the room and up to the big screen straight cinema to see what we could see.

Whe we entered there were about 8 guys all sitting nearer the back of the small room, so we sat in the four seats right at the front, leaving a seat spare on either side. As soon as lorna sat down I began to stroke her pantieless cunt. No sooner had we started than the two seats either side of us were filled. Suddenly I could feel two pairs of hands stroking her thighs and edging their way up to her cunthole. Being the gentleman that I am I stood up and stepped to the side, my seat was immediately filled. I reached into our rucksack and pulled out a small torch and our camcorder. Then I began to film, the quality is not fantastic but when you see it you can clearly see what is happening. Two of the guys were finger fucking lornas hole the other one was wanking off an impressive hard on. One of the guys said something to her then he stood up pulled on a condom and sat back down. Lorna then climed onto his lap and slid her wet cunt right onto his waiting cock. Grabbing the guy next to her she stuck his cock in her mouth, whilst wanking of the other guy. She was suddenly surrounded by all the guys in the cinema and they were mostly wanking furiously at the sight in front of them. Looks great on the film. The guy she was riding then stood up she turned round and pushed her arse up in the air and he thrust back into her cunt. After maybe two more minutes he rammed faster and faster then suddenly you could tell he was filling her cunt, when he pulled out the tip of the condom was so full that it was hanging about 3 inches from the end of his cock. He staggered off to the side and another guy took his place and began thrusting it into to her cunt, he said something to her pulled out his cock readjusted it then hammered it back in, by the moans from him and her of course I knew from experience that he was right up her arse, she soo loves it up the arse. Meanwhile a guy nearby shot his load al over her then just left. We sat back down and suggested to our new found friend that he accompany us to the couples room. By the time we got there there was 6 of us including ourselves. The guy who was fucking her up the arse resumed doing exactly that. Another guy was wanking whilst watching and I had put my cock into Lornas hot mouth. The guy fucking her arse moaned and yep shot his load right up her arse. As he pulled out another jumped in, not fuck her but to lick her cunt and arsehole clean. At this I shot my load down her throat and pulled out letting some dribble down her face. The guy licking her arse and cunt began licking it off her face. The guy who had been fucking her up thwe arse offered us a cigarette which we took and as we stood there chatting and smoking the cleaner as we had nicknamed him was still cleaning out Lornas cunt. Our smoking friend winked and nodded to the cleaner then he pushed his cock towards the guy. Shit he needed no second asking he immediately took the guys full length licking and slurping. I offered my cock, it is a strange feeling getting your cock licked clean as you stand there chatting and smoking but I have to say not unpleasant. We promised to meet the next night with some of the arse fuckers friends but as they say, it is another story. But the film turned out really well.

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Hug and kisses

L & L.