Written by Hopeful Hubby

23 Jun 2006

I have visited this site several times over the past few weeks and read some very horny stories. I myself am cuckold, but unfortunately the guy who has been fucking my wife for 3 years went to live in Canada in January with his wife. My wife is in her mid 40s, I am 53 and we have been married for 22 years. We got in her fucking with another guy after talking about it for quite a few years, but once it started it was incredible. He only spent the whole night with us a couple of times, the rest were afternoon sessions or evening. He was 33 and I used to love watching my wife suck his cock which was 2in bigger than mine and much thicker, we know this because we measured them. We were great friends and they would tell me to watch closely from behind as he emptied huge loads of spunk up into her belly. I would also have to watch from close quarters or hold his cock when she wanted him to shoot his load in her face and mouth. On several occasions I would be allowed to fuck my wife first, she would always hold on to his cock and lick his knob, telling me to hurry up and shoot, then get out of the way. Sometimes she would tell him to pull me away so that she could kneel for him to fuck her and I would often shoot my load as soon as he pulled me out. Although we have no plans to do the same with anyone else, it wouldn't seem the same, I would love to phone chat with any guy who would cuckold me on the phone, telling me what he would do to my wife and make her do to him and how they would both ridicule me. We still talk about our friend when we fuck and she tells me how good it felt. If there is anyone to phone cuckold me please get in touch, I'm not sure how but there must be a way.