Written by Roger

14 Aug 2005

My wife had played around a bit for several years, even before I married her, I knew that she liked a bit of variety so when the time actually came when she told me that she'd met a man she fancied for a change we had a serious talk about it. She assured me that it was just sex and the chance to have a different cock, she was absolutely not interested in leaving me. To cut a long story short, it worked, not only that but we always had fantastic sex afterwards. So from time to time, at home and on various holidays, she experienced a fucking from different men. She always told me how she rated them but always insisted that just the feel of another man's cock did it for her. Not only that but she encouraged me to find another woman now and again for she knew that before we were married I'd had loads. We had a great time over the years. Then one year we were on holiday in Turkey and there was a woman holidaying on her own staying in the same aparthotel. She and Debs got on like a house on fire and she flirted outrageously with me. One night in bed after a good fucking session Debs asked me if I didn't fancy this woman, whose name was Terry, short for Teresa. I said I did, so Debs asked why I didn't follow up and try and shag her. So I did, Terry responded at once saying that she'd been hoping I would because she really fancied me. I told Debs and went to stay the night with Terry, she was a real tiger in bed and did absolutely everything, I had a great time. She had a great figure with nice breasts and a lovely cunt, she loved oral in particular and asked me to suck her love-juice into my mouth then kiss her and give it to her. She said that she found that a great turn on, I had never done such a thing before but of course enjoyed it. I told Debs about it next day, she said that it sounded great and she wouldn't mind drinking Terry's cunt-juice. So lying on the beach that afternoon I suggested to Terry that we had a threesome. 'Oh that'd be great,' she said, 'I'd love to try cunt!' So that night she came to our room. We all had a shower and afterwards the women fell on each other. To the best of my knowledge Debs had never been with another woman, but she told Terry that she'd had a best friend at school when she was twelve and that they'd played with each other and enjoyed it. Terry immediately went down on Debs tonguing and sucking her fanny and slurping her juice while Debs came and came. Terry filled Debs' mouth with her own cunt juice and Debs swallowed it eagerly and returned the compliment. Of course I had a raging hard on and in the end fucked both of them, it turned out that Terry loved being come all over her face so I obliged, Debs licked it off. The she knelt over Terry's face and lowered her cunt over it, she was leaking spunk and Terry drank it from her until it was all gone. I licked both their cunts as well as fucking them both, one way and another I was fucking or licking all night and so were they. We even managed to have Terry licking Debs' cunt while I was fucking her. This went on all holiday and I returned home completely knackered while Debs enthused about playing hot fanny with another woman, she's done it ever since.