Written by Horris

16 Mar 2006

My name is Steve and I’ve been studying at Nottingham University for three years now, my experience happened a few weeks back when I visited my home town of Oxford. As anybody familiar with Oxford will know it has a large student body consisting of many female first year students eager to enjoy they’re first year away from home!

I arrived with my good friend Ian, who is at university with me, and we headed to a local pub for a few pints before meeting Dave who was supposed to be putting us up for the night in his student flat. Back at his house we had a few more drinks before heading out to the university night club in the centre of town.

On arrival we did a few shots before settling ourselves in the comfy leather seats for what we thought would be a relatively quiet night! It was Ian who fist noticed the group of first years milling around the central bar; they were obviously quite pissed and were flirting provocatively with an older guy who was desperately trying to slip his hand beneath one of the girl’s skirts- though she didn’t seem best pleased pleased.

Ian, although usually a reclusive character, was the first to summon his courage and suggested we go chat, if anything to rescue ‘the damsels in distress’. Am I glad we did! We introduced ourselves and had a couple more strong shots before heading to the dance floor. Ian was chatting to a girl called Camilla while Dave and I respectively talked to Heather and Annie-though I understood or cared little for their views on college life or political philosophy. It must have been around five minutes later that I realised that Ian was kissing Camilla with his hand between her legs feeling up and down her inner thigh, pulling her knickers to the side in order to insert his fingers into her. She was obviously as keen as he was- flushed in the face and rocking back and forth while they were dancing.

Dave and I sat down with the other girls and before long they were groping our crotches- bizarrely telling us they had boyfriends but nonetheless encouraging us to feel them through their soaked panties. I was taken by the situation but Dave who had a girl friend was doing all he could to resist. Ian returned from the dance floor, looking pleased with his effort but he had no idea what was to come. The girls resisted attempts from me to order extra drinks and instead agreed that we should go back to their halls of residence where the drink was ‘cheaper’!! We left the club and walked back to their halls of residence, thankfully Dave had lost his pretence by now and was fondling Heather’s arse while whispering suggestions into her ear. I was doing my best with Annie who was holding me close assuring me that despite the cold it would be worth my while.

Back at the flat, in plush college surroundings, we drank some more before Annie suggested we have fun regardless of the repercussions. She instructed us to strip down to our underwear and told us that they would each give us head. The first to identify who was blowing us would get to fuck all of them simultaneously. It was a complete gamble which Dave (the bastard) won and proceeded to strip them all naked much to my jealousy and Ian’s. Dave, though attached, wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity. He initially pushed Camilla on to the bed licking her cunt frantically from behind while Heather took his dick deep into her waiting mouth. Meanwhile Annie, the most prude of the group, released our swelling cocks and sucked them while fingering herself to the delight of Dave and Camilla. I almost had to pinch myself; never had I ever experienced this weirdness, never again would I probably ever so I vowed to enjoy it. Dave came relatively quickly in Camilla’s mouth and she dutifully swallowed his spunk. Looking now guilty he ushered us to carry on where he left off. Needing no encouragement we stepped in- foreplay was the last thing we wanted after being teased by Annie, instead we arranged the girls side by side and entered them from behind while I fingered the third in her arse with my right hand. They were soooo tight and squealed as we fucked them screaming out for more and telling us that they needed a stiff, hard cock after weeks away from their boyfriends. Ian and I continued to fuck them, swapping now and again to savour the experience of first year students who were obviously sexually inexperienced.

After fucking all three girls, in both their cunts and largely unsuccessfully in their arses --- Oxford students are indeed stuck up- I had to come. I had not worn a condom and was worried about getting them pregnant so decided to blast elsewhere. I pulled out and while Ian continued to fuck Annie, Camilla and Heather sucked me off. I instantly blew my load over their faces, spurting thick jets of spunk inside and outside their mouth which covered their teeth and ran down their chins. Feeling slightly self conscious at this point I returned to where Dave was sheepishly sat. Ian blew his load in much the same respect, over Heather’s face, though Annie (the prude) was on HIS face as he licked her cunt and rim, slurping her respective cunt and anal juices. Annie turned out to be far from prude, she was quite happy to then rub Camilla’s clit and bring her to orgasm (Dave had obviously sold her short!!)- If only her parents knew!

After we were all done we left relatively quickly, keen not to arouse the suspicion of the security services. We got the telephone numbers of all the girls who assured us they would be in need of our services again- though with the holidays coming up I’m not so sure!