Written by MR

4 Jan 2005

A Hot Night on the Costa Brava


The year that my wife Susan and I first went to Spain for our holidays was way back in the days when the British were starting to go on package tours to the continent. We found the weather hot, the booze cheap, and the measures plentiful. One night we had left our hotel and had gone into the nearest village for visiting a few bars, drinking a bit more than we should have done. On the way back Susan wanted to stop and have a drink at a beach bar which was being used by some of the waiters from our hotel. After serving dinner they used to play soccer on the beach and then have a quiet drink. Susan was determined to flirt with these guys, and made no pretence at any modesty, all this the result of drinking too many rum and cokes. The waiters who were all young and fit must have thought that all their xmas's had come at once, and encouraged her behavior. I was at a loss to know what to do, if I tried to drag her away there would be a terrible scene.

I visited the men's room and by the time that I returned she was actually sitting on the lap of one of the guys. When I saw hands reach out to start stroking her legs below her little mini skirt I thought that enough was enough and told her that we were going. However the waiters had other ideas and so did my wife so I had to sit helplessly as the hands disappeared under her skirt, while other hands started to unbutton her shirt and play with her breasts. There were 6 waiters and the barman, too many to fight, and to be trueful I had started to get turned on by the unfolding situation. Suddenly, after a short discussion in Spanish they lifted Susan up and laid her on a tabletop. Her skirt was removed, followed immediately by her little red knickers. Soon she was stark naked apart from her heels. Her legs were pulled far apart and I had a perfect view of her cute little pussy, as did everyone else.

One of the guys was younger than the rest and they talked him into going down on her. She went crazy with lust as the young Spaniard's tongue rampaged inside her pussy lips. After just a short time Susan almost screamed as she was bought to orgasm in such a public way. The guy who had eaten her out was the first one to mount her, Trousers round his ankles he powered into her cunt like he was in a race. Somebody else had managed to get my drunken wife to take his lengthy cock into her mouth, so she was taking Spanish cock at both ends. The young guy in her pussy came very shortly and was replaced by a more experienced man who brought Susan to orgasm again before emptying his cock into her belly.

The party seemed to go on for ever as soon as mouth or pussy became vacant there was another erect cock ready to fill it. The only thing that Susan didn't like was when a couple of guys fucked her up the ass, after liberally drenching it with olive oil. She started crying and the guys let us go returning all her clothes apart from her panties. We walked back to the hotel with cum oozing from between her legs. Once inside our room I got her into the shower. This sobered her up somewhat, and she complained that she had never been so sore, and that it was all my fault.

The next morning neither of us mentioned the previous evenings events until we looked at the hotel flagpole, from which hung, my wife's little red knickers.