Written by JuicyLucy

15 Feb 2004

Hubby and I went to the local Leisure Centre last Saturday night to have a mixed naked sauna and a jacuzzi. We'd been hearing for a few weeks now that the swinging crowd had moved in and we were curious to check out the action for ourselves.

Well we arent swingers in the true sense of the word but hubby has always fantasied about me being touched up by another man whilst he watched and so we thought we might get lucky.

We arrived and got undressed and promptly jumped into the hot tub. After about 5 minutes a man and woman arrived and we sat talking to them. It was all very innocent and absolutley nothing happened.

Another 5 minutes passed and then this guy, in in late 50's I guess, jumped into the hot tub besides me. He was a nice chap and very chatty, talking about holidays and stuff - all very boring! Anyway, another couple jumped in and we all had to squeeze up and I thought its now or never.

This chap was looking at me and without breaking I eye contact, unbeknown to anyone else (including hubby) I reached down and slowly stroked his cock. Amazingly he never flinched and slowly I began to wank him. Within seconds he was hard and then I felt him reach over to me and touch my thigh.

It was like an electric shock and hubby asked me if I was ok. I whispered to him what was happening and he was totally freaked out!! Without warning the hand moved and suddenly I felt his finger find my hairy crack and he inserted it into me!

I moved slighly towards him so he could get at me more and I looked round. It was amazing. Seven people in the hot tub and me wanking this chap off as he fingered me!

Suddenly the spell was broken as his wife arrived and demanded he get out but as he had a raging hard on he couldnt. He extricated his hand from me and hubby and I jumped out and went into the stream room.

When I shared the information with hubby later at home, he went into a sexual frenzy and made me cum three times!!

Are we going back? You bet!!!