Written by John

24 Jan 2007

My wife is not a drinker, she would get drunk off a glass of dandelion and burdock pop. Anyway, My wife and myself were invited to a barbecue. This happened last summer.

During the barbecue a selection of wine's were brought out onto the lawn where some of the 15 guests, most of who were friend of our host and ourselves, were dancing. The wine flowed. It was such a great day. Sunshine and flowers, what a combination. Everyone were having a wonderful time.

It was around four-o-clock when I noticed my wife was missing. I had not seen her go as I was dancing with a lovely woman who had all of my attention. My wife Samantha and I were

going out that evening to see my parents and I thought it was time we were going home to shower and change and as we had both been drinking, a taxi would have to be called to take us to my family home where my mother and father still lived know Sam had more to drink than was wise even after I warned her to take her time. I did not want her giggling and staggering my parents house; I remembered the last time she had got drunk.

Anyway, I asked a few people if they had seen where my wife had gone. One had pointed to the green house. Now the green house was very large with plants I could not even hazard a guess at growing profusely; it was like a jungle in there.

I had only been in it once and came out soon after, it was too oppressively hot. The fuel bills must cost them a small fortune. Anyway...as the barbecue was winding down, and some of the guest seemingly had already gone, I thought it a good time to get my wife and also leave.

The green house was some distance from the party it took me a couple of minutes to reach it. As I got there I notice that the door was open, not wise when you are paying big bills to heat the place. I stood at the door, not wanting to enter the oppressive heat if I did not have too.

I was just going to call out when I heard a noise. The noise was of someone enjoying themselves and it was a woman who was making it. I knew that sound as I had heard it many times before in many locations. It was my wife and she was having a great time by the sound of it. I gently eased in among the tall plants. I made my way through the foliage. It was not long before I was brought up short. The was my wife directly in front of me, her skirt was off, as were her knickers. The sight was so hot. Sam had her bottom on a work, or potting, table. Her legs were raised slightly and she was doing something I would not have expected. My wife was having her pussy licked out by one of the guests. The guest was not a man as I would have expected but a local woman we had seen around but not really spoken too. The woman was also partly dressed; the bottom half of her clothing was gone. She had such a lovely bottom. I craned my neck to get a better look and was seen by my wife. I felt like a peeping tom. My wife did not show she had seen me but just smiled in my direction. The fact that I was watching must have turned her on as she started bucking her hips and swearing at the other woman. As I watched the woman stood up, put her pussy to my wifes and as she kissed her she started to grind. Sam looked over at me to see if I was watching still; I was. I indicated to Sam that I was going, Sam got hold of her lovers head in a passionate kiss so that I could make my escape undetected. When Sam and the woman I now know as Brenda, came back to the rest of the group, they were both smiling at each other. Brenda's husband joined her

when she reached us, he smiled a smile at her and his wife just hugged Sam's arm. He beamed at Brenda.

This is a true story though I did make it a bit flowery. The

descriptions etc are fact and nothing was made up. This is the first of many experiences. We are keen on love and life.