Written by Steve

4 Oct 2004

Firstly I should say I'm a married guy, stay away alot with work, so time on my own makes Steve a very horny boy.

Any how about a 6 months ago I was staying in one of my normal haunts, I'm pretty fit, even though I say so myself, as I use the gym in the hotels I stay. this particular evening I was in the sauna, it was quite early about 5pm.

It was in the guys changing rooms so the need for the discretionary towel was not needed. I was sitting there contemplating how I was going to spend the evening, or rather which in house porno movie I was going to jack off to when the door opened and in walked this guy, I'm 40 and I'd guess this chap was 50ish, like me he was slim, so out of courtesy I said hi etc.

We got talking and in the normal course of events we got onto what we did. He was like me staying over with work.

he started to chat about families and how it effects your relationship being away alot. It was all good humoured stuff, however as we were talking it got a bit more intimate and boys will be boys and i could feel myself getting aroused and it was starting to show, the guy couldn't help noticing and just said did I need a hand with that, meaning my by now half erect dick.

To be fair, I was a bit startled, but feeling a bit horny I just said yes!

he moved over to me and gently ran his hand over my thigh, which did the trick I can tell you.

I did feel a little embarrased at our location and said if this was going to go any furthet I'd rather it be back in my room. He was very understanding and suggested he had a bottle of malt for such occassions and his was a far better idea. My heart was pounding, but hey I thought fuck it, all I was going to do was jerk off alone, may as well have some fun, so agreed.

We showered and dressed and strolled back down the corridor to his room.

when we got inside he explained that we needed to be discreet, he like me had a wife kids etc and this wasn't something he wanted broadcast. music to my ears.

with that we had a couple of relaxing drams and he got out his laptop and inserted a dvd, first time I had ever seen a gay movie, and man it was horny.

He started to get undressed and in a few secs was naked, he had a nice cock, bout 7 inches and was shaved smooth which I thought was cool for an older guy.

he stood infront of me and suggesteed it might be time for me to try something new, well I didn't need to much encouragement, I slowly started to wank him, it felt a bit wierd at first playing with another guys hard on, but soon he was very hard, so I gulped and opened my mouth and slowly started to suck him, it was a fantastic feeling and bit by bit i took more and more til I gagged as it hit the back of my throat.

By now I was hooked and wanted him to cum, I'd tasted my own several times so wasn't averse to a mouth full and he started to wank over my face as I lay on the bed.

I could see in his face he was about to cum so I opened wide and dropped his bell end into my mouth as he erupted, four long hard jerks spurted into my mouth, he could cum for england!!! I had to swallow twice to get it all down.

At this point I was a bit deflated as I was in need of relief, but no this guy didn't need a rest. he stayed very hard and suggested opening a pack of condoms that fucking me was top priority. I actually couldn't wait, I had used a vibe on myself before so knew I could take it, but he had all the gear KY the lot and started at first to lube me up the insert a finger then two as i knealt on all fours on the bed watching two guys on the dvd 69 each other. I must have got a little transfixed as next minute I could feel his hot dick slip into my ass, it hurt to start with but once he was past the muscle and I relaxed it was game on he took me evry which way for about 20 mins, and finally told me he was going to cum again, he pulled out ripped off the condom and I dropped to my knees and buried him deep in my face, as he shot another load at the back of my throat this time.

needless to say he recipricated the positon and we spent 6 hours playing sucking licking and sucking.

Now when ever I get the chance I get down the sauna real early.