Written by Eagle65

25 Jan 2006

I drove slowly into the car park and took my place in a line of around eight cars. It was a warm clear night. Most of the cars were occupied by single men although at one end of the car park there was a couple sitting in their car. I could see them as the inside light was on although I couldn't make out too much detail.


The couple appeared to be kissing. I couldn't tell too much but they seemed to be 'close together'. After a few minutes of this going on I noticed that three guys had got out of their cars and were standing near to the car occupied by the couple. The couple didn't appear to mind, certainly they carried on kissing or whatever they were doing and their interior light remained on.


A few more minutes passed and three guys had moved closer to the couple's car - virtually standing next to the front passenger door. The light went off in the car, but the men remained in place.I watched intently trying to work out was going on.


More time passed. The three guys were still gathered around the car, although there seemed to be some kind of movement going on. I wound down my window and in the still night air could just about hear moaning and whispers.


I decided to step out of me car. As I did so I could tell that one of the guys looked over towards me but he didn't seem to take too much notice. I moved slowly nearer the car where the 'action' was taking place.


As I got closer I could definitely see movement and I could hear a little more noise.


I stood about 15 feet from the car, next to some bushes and slightly hidden. Suddenly I noticed that one of the guys who was standing closest to the car had his trousers and pants around his ankles. What's going on here? I edged closer.


The moon was quite bright and then I saw that the passenger window was wound down and the woman sitting in the passenger seat was leaning outside sucking the cock of the man with the semi-clad man. Oh my God! The woman was also reaching out and playing with the hard penis of another guy who had his trousers undone.


Wow! This was amazing! What a show!


I decided to walk round to the driver's side of the car. As I did so the driver turned on the interoir light again and I could his girlfriend - or wife, or lover! - scantily dressed in an open blouse and suspenders. No knickers. She was in her mid-thirties, attractive and slim and obviously gagging for it! He was playing with her shaven fanny. The guy who's cock she was sucking had reached into the car and was fondling her breasts. The woman certainly loked as if she was enjoying herself and the guy in the driver's seat didn't mind what was going on and was obvisouly excited as while he was fingering the woman's cunt with one hand he was stroking his long hard cock with the other.


By this time, my own cock was also very hard and I wanted a piece of the action. I wondered if this woman, who I didn't know or had never even spoken to or seen before might give me a blow job. Would her partner mind if I joined in too? How would I feel about getting my cock out in front of a bunch of other guys?


But before I could get my cock out, the guy being sucked off started to groan. "I'm coming.." he whispered. On hearing that the woman sucked more furiously and moments later he clearly shot his load of spunk into her willing mouth. Some of it dribbled down her lips but before she could savour the taste for very long there was another cock shoved into her mouth and started to gobble on that one.


So she sucked, and sucked and the second guy came too...


Then things got even better...


The woman put a coat on and the couple got out of the car and nodded towards me and the other blokes still sitting in the other parked cars. We followed at a discreet distance into the bushes, which opened up into a clearing. No words had been spoken but then the woman

then undressed completely and got on all fours. Her partner knelt behind her and quickly slid his cock into her.


I grabbed my chance! Slipping down my trousers and pants I put my hard throbbing cock in front of her face. She grabbed it and took it her mouth eagerly and began licking, nibbling and sucking. Her boyfriend was fucking her and fucking her... She was loving it. I came quicker than I would have liked but I had loads of cum and shot most of it over face... Is steeped feling very pleased, and still very horny. The woman's boyfriend shot his spunk into her then pulled out. He beckoned over one of the others who got his cock out and started the fucking again...


Another guy took my place... two guys who couldn't wait their turn stared sucking each others cock!


I pulled up my trousers and knelt y the woman who just sucked me off. I fondled her breasts and tummy and slid my hand down towards her fanny. It was swollen and sopping wet. I got a few tentative touches of the cock that was pumping in and out of her then caressed her arse for a while.


It was great to see a woman enjoying herself so much - and we all enjoyed it too.


I left them to finish everything off...